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Kanuga on the Road: Seeing Our Global Reach
Sometimes we forget the reach of Kanuga. We tend to think of it as the place we know, limited by our own experience. And of course, there is nothing wrong with holding it close. It is, after all, special to each one of us because of our unique experience of the land and people. However,...
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Employee Spotlight: Dwayne Owens, Kanuga Property Manager
Part of the allure and beauty of Kanuga is the grounds. Surrounded by mountains and forests with miles of trails, the property is often called a “thin place” by guests and employees. The care of Kanuga’s expansive property is overseen by Property Manager Dwayne Owens. Dwayne joined Kanuga earlier this year and has spent the...
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Preserving the Heart of Kanuga
For generations, Kanuga has provided physical respite from the outside world by hosting conferences, retreats, and seasonal guest periods. Since 1942, the Chapel of the Transfiguration has acted as the spiritual heart of Kanuga. Through the years, the chapel has graciously welcomed generations for worship services, baptisms, and weddings. “The Chapel of the Transfiguration is...
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Employee Spotlight: Pat McAfee
As any theater lover knows, the second act always contains the best part of the story. Such an analogy could also apply to Pat McAfee, Kanuga’s renaissance man and unofficial transportation director. A New Career at Kanuga A published author of three books and retired teacher, drama director, and education administrator, Pat began his career...
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