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Find Inspiration at Our Church Leadership Conference
Looking to find new ideas and inspiration as you serve within the church? Kanuga’s Church Leadership Conference, held March 2-4, is designed to refresh those who give of their talents. Held in partnership with the Episcopal Church Foundation (ECF), the weekend event features speakers and presenters who will focus on strategic planning, church leadership, and...
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Kanuga Core Value Highlight: Service
This year, Kanuga officially revealed our Core Values. Designed to honor the past and guide our future, these touch points recognize the important work Kanuga does. One of our primary core values is service. At Kanuga, we seek to awaken a world of good by providing programs that transform and nourish the soul for work...
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Space is Still Available – Join us at the Lansing Lee Conference, March 16-18
With the pages of 2018 still fresh with opportunities for a new beginning, the Lansing Lee Conference promises to equip attendees with the tools necessary for civil discourse. At a time when the Pew Research Center reveals Republicans and Democrats are now further apart ideologically than at any point in more than two decades, the...
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Introducing Kanuga’s Core Values
The New Year brings the opportunity for fresh starts! This month, Kanuga is embracing the start of 2018 with the introduction of our Core Values. If you were a part of summer guest period last year, you may remember contributing to our Core Values brainstorming sessions on Thursday afternoons. Your input was invaluable. We took...
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