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Spreading the Kanuga Spirit: The Minkler Howell Endowment
The arrival of spring at Kanuga means more than pretty blooms. It also signals that it’s time to review applications for the Minkler Howell Endowment, a honored Kanuga tradition that focuses on assisting community-based programs created by parishes, dioceses, and nonprofits. Founded in 2000, the grant places a special emphasis on youth serving other youth....
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The Beginning of a Kanuga Legacy: Resident Apprentice Program
This winter marked the beginning of a new legacy for Kanuga. This month, we’re celebrating an especially important milestone with Micheal Taylor serving as the first graduate of our Resident Apprentice Program (RAP). Lasting for 12 months, RAP is a unique program that combines guidance, training, and work experience for young adults starting their career...
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Mission Possible: Funding Operation Purple Camp
Throughout the summer, Kanuga is filled with campers from across the country. In late July, though, something truly special happens. Camp Bob takes a patriotic turn and transforms into Operation Purple welcoming children whose parents are serving in the military. Organized by the National Military Family Association, the camp is open to youth ages 7...
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Vibrant Faith
Formation in the 21st Century What does it mean to be a loving and witnessing community of faith in the 21st century? What trends and tools are emerging? Where do you and your congregation want to go? The 2017 Christian Formation Conference at Kanuga explores avenues that facilitate faith formation in an era of change....
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