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Kanuga Conferences Keep Participants Engaged
This spring and summer, Kanuga conference organizers and those leading events at Kanuga have worked hard to keep engagement high, either by transitioning to virtual programs or by working with Kanuga to reach out with communications on social media. Conference leaders for Nuevo, Art & Soul, Christian Formation, the Haden Institute, and Kanuga Empowered Youth...
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Kanuga Trail Conservancy Opens to New Members
If you share our passion for conservation and the natural world, we invite you to become a member of the Kanuga Trails Conservancy. Join us in the enjoyment and protection of the 1,400 acres of land that have been entrusted to Kanuga. Modeled after the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, the Kanuga Trails Conservancy (KTC) maintains and...
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Kanuga is pleased to welcome guests back to its 1,400-acre retreat with Kanuga Cottage & Inn Retreats, an innovative summer solution for families offering respite and renewal. Each family may book accommodations with meals and outdoor activities, including boating on the 30-acre lake and hiking its 20 miles of trails.  “We will continue to follow...
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A Look Back: Christmas at Kanuga
Every celebration at Kanuga is special, but this year Christmas at Kanuga held unique meaning as we commemorated the 30th anniversary. This treasured tradition first began in 1989 and continues to be a part of Kanuga’s Family Guest Periods. The activities for the first Christmas at Kanuga were designed to capture the spirit of the...
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