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Wrapped in Love: The Linus Project
The joy of Christmas is about giving and sharing God’s love. At Kanuga, we are fortunate to be blessed by this holiday spirit year-round. In the summer—when Christmas is just a glimmer on the calendar—Western North Carolina’s chapter of Project Linus ensures campers at Camp Bob receive a special surprise filled with love. A Gift...
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Welcoming Kanuga’s Newest Members: Mangalitsa Pigs
In October, Kanuga enjoyed more than just the arrival of fall color. On October 29, seven Mangalitsa piglets arrived on campus as part of an effort to expand Kanuga’s agricultural education program. A New Life for a Special Breed Once on the brink of extinction, this heritage breed is finding a second chance at Kanuga....
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Offering Radical Hospitality in Face of Hurricane Florence
Last month, as Hurricane Florence threatened the North and South Carolina coastlines, Kanuga welcomed a special group of evacuees. Bishop Gadsden Episcopal Retirement Community in Charleston, SC, found safe refuge in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Shelter from the Storm To prepare for the arrival of Bishop Gadsden evacuees, Kanuga arranged for extra food...
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Clint DeWitt
Kanuga is a special place to many—including our employees. While most of our staff can be seen in the daily workings, some of our employees work hard behind the scenes. Far from being unsung heroes, we rely upon their skill and expertise to make Kanuga the treasure it is today. Meet Clint DeWitt Clint DeWitt...
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