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June 19-24, 2022


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Youth Week is the summer event for KEY Conferences (Kanuga Empowered Youth). As one of the longest-running events for youth ministry in the United States, Youth Week brings together youth and adults who work with youth from around the country for a week of fun, friendship and prayer. This Kanuga tradition embodies the vibrancy of the national Episcopal Church and encourages participants to seek authentic connections with Christ and one another. Those who attend are empowered to build community through small group discussions, conference-wide gatherings, music, prayer, and play.

A thin place is where one can walk within two worlds (between heaven & earth, between the physical & spiritual, between the analog & digital, between others & yourself) – the worlds are fused together. Either knitted loosely where the differences can be discerned or tightly where the two worlds become one. Thin places aren’t typically perceived with the five senses. Experiencing them goes beyond those limits.

We experience these thin places in many ways throughout our lives whether they be near, far, fleeting, long-lasting, organic, practiced, created, or discovered.

During Youth Week 2022, our participants will explore their own thin places. We’ll explore what they mean to us, where to find them, how to experience them, and how to create wider places that create the same connection that we desire outside of our thin places.

All youth welcome!
JYP: Junior Young People, Grades 7–9
SYP: Senior Young People, Grades 10–12 + recent high school graduates

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KEY Conferences Winterlight Youth Week

Adult or Parent Accommodations

Adults or Parents transporting youth but not participating in Youth Week, can find discounted room rates here.

Experience the inspiration of Kanuga Youth Week.
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Two Tracks

Two different, simultaneous tracks offer youth the chance to spend time with similar-aged participants, discussing ideas to lead and inspire their faith communities back home.

Junior Young People (JYP)
Rising Grades 7–9

Senior Young People (SYP)
Rising Grades 10–12 and recent high school graduates

Andrew Tobias, SYP Coordinator

Andrew has been a lifelong Youth Week attendee. First experiencing Kanuga as a young child playing at the Baker Building, while his mother was attending Adults Who Work With Youth to attending JYP and SYP and serving on staff for both Winterlight and SYP ever since he was able, Andrew has a deep love for Kanuga and the mission of Youth Week. Andrew feels blessed to serve as SYP co-coordinator with a long-time friend, Tabi. Even though they do not have a blood relation, they feel like siblings. To be given the opportunity to create the same loving, welcoming, and fun environment he received as a KEY Conference participant is Andrew’s greatest honor. The feeling of radical hospitality, inclusion, faith, sincerity, and of course, the silliness that Youth Week fosters is carried with him every day. Andrew’s education is in Interior Architecture and Design but currently works as a Workplace Strategy Manager for a large company in Jacksonville, FL.

Tabitha Tobiassen, SYP Coordinator

It’s been 20 years since Tabi was welcomed in to the Kanuga and KEY Conference community. Overjoyed to be paired with co-coordinator and Kanuga Best Friend Andrew Tobias, Tabi is looking forward to building on the community she has had the pleasure of being apart of for so long. Currently the Director of Children and Youth Ministries ya St. Anne’s Episcopal Church in Atlanta, GA and a long time staffer for KEY Conferences Tabi is looking forward to making this SYP another for the record books. Her true passion is engaging with youth and helping them see how incredible each and every one of them are. Before she was taking youth from her EYC to beautiful Hendersonville she was sharing the Kanuga magic by inviting her brother and sisters in to the community. Serving this community in this way is Tabi’s biggest blessing. She could never give back to this community everything it has given her but is honored to be able to share everything it has taught her with future generation of youth.

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