Gifts of Stock & Property

Myriad ways to give that support the Kanuga community and its services


Thank you for your desire to give. From personal property to IRA rollovers, we welcome many unique ways of contribution to our programs, facilities and community at Kanuga. We want to make your heartfelt gift-giving easy by providing all the information you need.


The IRS allows donors to deduct the market value of appreciated stock transferred as a gift with no recognition of capital gains.

If you decide to use appreciated stock to make a gift to Kanuga, be sure to have your broker transfer the stock to our brokerage account.

Raymond James DTC #0725
FAO Kanuga Stock Gifting Account #29749700
Kanuga Conferences Inc. Tax ID #56-0599223
Contact: Paul Elam, Oak Arbor: 919-981-9227

Please provide your name and address to us so that we may acknowledge your gift with a receipt.
Meg Nygren
Advancement Services Manager

Real Estate

Donors of residential or commercial real estate are responsible for securing an appraisal to substantiate the fair market value of the property for tax deduction purposes.

Kanuga’s Gifts Acceptance Committee determines whether Kanuga can accept proposed gifts of real estate.

Gifts of real estate may be transferred to Kanuga outright, as a life estate in which the donor retains the right to live on the property for life or through a trust agreement wherein the donor transfers the real estate to Kanuga in return for a lifetime income from Kanuga.

Charitable Gift Annuity

To make a legacy gift, you may create a one-life or a two-life gift annuity. Gift annuities may be funded with cash or appreciated stock. The fixed lifetime rate of return determines the amount of an annuity, which is paid quarterly. This rate of return appreciates over time.

Donors receive a portion of their annuity payment tax-free in addition to the tax deduction for the year in which they set up the gift annuity.

Note that in assigning fixed lifetime rates of return, Kanuga is guided by the regularly-updated recommendations of the American Council on Gift Annuities.

The minimum gift for creating a charitable gift annuity with Kanuga is $5,000.

Tangible Personal Property

While we are pleased to receive most gifts of this kind, the executive vice president of advancement must determine whether Kanuga can accept the offer. Kanuga reserves the right to keep and use the donated property or to sell the asset. Once Kanuga has agreed to receive the donation, please complete the form below and hand it to the staff member that receives your gift.

Kanuga Gift-In-Kind Donor Form

We greatly appreciate gifts of serviceable vehicles and equipment, including trucks, vans, tractors, lawnmowers, golf carts, canoes, kayaks, rowboats, paddle boards, sleighs and bicycles. Delivery arrangements are made on an ad hoc basis.

Retirement Account

Charitable strategies allow donors to reduce or eliminate taxes on retirement accounts.

Two strategies are:

  1. Name Kanuga as a beneficiary of your retirement account. This will produce a charitable deduction for your estate. To accomplish this, simply complete and sign a new beneficiary form.
  2. Take structured withdrawals from your retirement account beginning at age 59.5 or 70.5. Use the money to make outright gifts or lifetime income-producing gifts (e.g. gift annuities) to Kanuga now.

IRA Charitable Rollovers

Donors 70.5 or older may initiate a traditional IRA charitable rollover of up to $100,000 per year with Kanuga. The amount is excluded from your gross taxable income and counts toward your required minimum distribution (RMD).

Life Insurance

If you have a paid-up life insurance policy that family obligations no longer require, please consider using this policy to fund a significant gift to Kanuga. We cannot accept policies against which donors have borrowed.

Others, particularly younger individuals or couples, may be interested in maximizing a legacy gift to Kanuga by taking out a new life insurance policy, transferring ownership of the policy to Kanuga and then making yearly tax-deductible gifts to Kanuga to enable us to pay the annual premiums.

Volunteer at Kanuga

Guests have the opportunity to leave Kanuga a little better than they find it.
Whether you have only a few hours or plan to take part in a volunteer weekend, seasonal service projects are available for all ages, interests and abilities.

Past service projects include creating decorations for the Chapel of the Transfiguration, building an outdoor amphitheater at the Bob Campbell Youth Campus, beautifying flower beds and assisting with the daily programming of summer events.

To volunteer in any capacity or to organize a service project during your visit to Kanuga, contact Jimmy Haden, Executive VP for Mission at 

Meg Nygren
Advancement Services Manager