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Preserving Cottage 24 for the Future
Earlier this month, the past and present met for a very special moment. Cottage 24 was dedicated on the afternoon of July 7 to celebrate the completion of an extensive renovation project. “We are so grateful for all the donors—who through their leadership, long-term friendships, and relationships through Kanuga helped us strengthen and build our...
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Kanuga Core Value Highlight: Stewardship
In January, Kanuga revealed our Core Values. These four basic tenets are designed to honor our past and provide a strong foundation for the future. Stewardship is one of our Core Values. At Kanuga, we give generously while using our inheritance wisely and utilize our resources responsibly so that Kanuga is preserved for future generations....
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Kanuga Core Value Highlight: Sustainability
At the start of the year, Kanuga introduced our Core Values. Created with input from our guests and employees, our Core Values honor Kanuga’s history and serve as a pathway for our future. Sustainability is one of our primary Core Values. We treasure God’s gift of creation and commit to using sustainable models that have...
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Giving to Continue Kanuga’s Legacy
Through the years, Kanuga has continued to grow and thrive. This is due in part to the existence of the Annual Fund. Designed to support the mission, ministry, and maintenance of Kanuga, this fund is driven solely by donations. Often the money goes to support visible improvements such as the recent repainting of the Lodge’s...
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