Setting young adults up for success

03.09.2016 - Conference & Retreat, Our Programs

Kanuga has begun a new initiative, the Resident Apprentice Program, designed to help young adults define and embrace a successful future. This 12-month apprenticeship is open to high school graduates, as well as college graduates of two and four-year programs, and places them in roles in Kanuga’s guest services and housekeeping departments.

It’s more than a job, however, as the apprentices will receive ongoing training in life skills and career development. For example, a life skills class reviews how to set a budget and balance a checking account, while a career development class offers tips for writing a resume and how to interview well for future jobs.

“It really goes all the way back to Kanuga’s mission from the beginning of developing youth in a Christian environment,” said Laura Moushey, human resources director. “We want to help these young adults along their path.”

The apprentices will live on campus free of charge, receive hourly wages and health and dental benefits.

For the first year, there will be room for 12 apprentices, according to Moushey. “After that, we hope the program will continue to grow.”

The program is perfect for young adults looking for solid hands-on work experience and who may be uncertain about what their next steps in life will be.

“This is a chance for them to take the time to work on their plans and line out what success will look like,” said Kevin Manion, the coordinator of the program. “It’s a chance for them to think seriously about their goals and develop them while having a community of people—both peers within the program and folks in the wider Kanuga
community—to support them.”

“We would love to have referrals from the Kanuga community,” said Moushey. “We’re also looking for organizations to work with, such as churches or nonprofit organizations that work with youth in high school or college.”

To learn more or recommend someone as an apprentice, please contact Laura Moushey or 828-233-2807.