Wrapped in Love: The Linus Project

12.10.2018 - Kanuga Stories

The joy of Christmas is about giving and sharing God’s love. At Kanuga, we are fortunate to be blessed by this holiday spirit year-round. In the summer—when Christmas is just a glimmer on the calendar—Western North Carolina’s chapter of Project Linus ensures campers at Camp Bob receive a special surprise filled with love.

A Gift Made with Care

For the past three years, this group has worked to provide handmade blankets to children attending Operation Purple and Camp Hope at Camp Bob. Operation Purple serves children of military families, while Camp Hope serves children with incarcerated parents.

When the campers arrive at Kanuga, they get to select a blanket to use during camp and take home. While it seems like a small gesture, the impact is huge. “They don’t know it’s coming when they arrive at camp, so they’re usually pretty surprised,” says Meghan Hull-DeWitt, Bob Campbell Youth Campus Director. “They get very excited about picking out a blanket. After they pick it out, they are usually very thankful.”

Loving Others through a Simple Act

Making kids feel loved throughout all circumstances is the goal of Project Linus. “Operation Purple and Camp Hope were something we felt strongly about,” says Connie Stanfield, a member of Project Linus. “These kids need extra comfort and love, and we wanted to be a part of providing that.”

Connie hopes the children who receive the blankets know that a kind heart is thinking of them. “We hope the kids know they have someone out there who can give them a hug (through the blankets). We hope the blankets make them feel loved.”

A Special Moment with Lasting Impact

While Project Linus works year-round to bring comfort to children in a variety of situations, the blankets they donate to Camp Bob have a special impact. “I think more than anything, it brings a sense of community, because it puts all the campers on even ground,” says Meghan. “Everyone seems a little bit happier, especially the day that they get the blankets. It brings a little bit more joy and comfort, and again a sense of community.”