Grace Dibble Boyle Shares Her Story

Some of you graciously agreed to let us interview you on camera this summer. We talked about family history, Kanuga memories, summer camp, youth conferences, and favorite worship spaces, and a wide variety of other topics. Clips from these interviews will be shared over time, and collected for an oral history series.

This fall, we will focus on the worship aspect of these conversations. Among other questions, we asked how it feels to worship at Kanuga and what your favorite spaces are for meditation and prayer.

Like the hundreds of prayer ribbons now hanging in the Chapel of The Transfiguration, our worship stories hold Kanuga together in spiritual embrace for generations to come.

In this clip, Grace Dibble Boyle, longtime summer guest and Renewal Conference participant, talks about the beginning of her spiritual relationship with the Creator at  Kanuga.

“I first came to Kanuga in 1998—recently divorced and a bereaved parent—and traveled up this mountain with a wooden stake in my heart. Got up here and it was like camp. Everybody knew everybody else. I knew no one. But they asked if they could pray for me and they did. And I… I just felt enveloped by this family of Kanuga. They are my family now.

“Renewal Conference is the most important week of the year for me. I will turn everything else down in order to be here with my family, with my Kanuga family. On Tuesdays during Renewal, we worship at the chapel of St. Francis in the Woods. And that first year, I sat in the back alone, hurt, just feeling very sorry for myself. And I watched my brothers and sisters go down over the bridge—over one of three bridges—over the Living Water to Communion. And it was there in these woods that I met Jesus Christ. I realized that He will meet me at the bottom wherever I am.

“That’s Kanuga and that’s the way I worship.”