The Time Is Now

04.22.2020 - Events, Giving to Kanuga, Kanuga Stories

Dear Kanuga Community, 

If there were ever a time when Kanuga felt like family, that time is now. The COVID-19 crisis has hit the world—and Kanuga—hard. We appreciate how you are rising to the call to support our beloved mountain sanctuary. Each day brings notes and cards filled with prayers, inspiration and love, and each day Kanuga benefits from your truly extraordinary stewardship. To date, you have provided $529,919 to help Kanuga survive the loss of $2,000,000 worth of revenue through the end of May. Thank you for believing in and supporting this sacred place.

While most Kanuga operations are suspended until the first guest period scheduled for the last week of June, we are exploring ways to welcome you to campus using safe, creative and resourceful alternatives for food delivery, housing, and outdoor activities. In addition, we are developing timelines and business plans for that joyous day when we are able to gather as family again. Know that we are monitoring the situation and will communicate more with you as soon as possible. We plan to make a decision on July programs, conferences, and events by April 30 and will be back in touch then.

I appreciate your prayers in this important time. In this Easter season, let us remember that our God claims life and light for each of us. We trust in that promise and seek to live by it each day. 

From the pines upon the mountain,

Michael R. Sullivan