Renewal Conference: A Conference Unlike Any Other

03.28.2017 - Conference & Retreat

Looking for a way to deepen your faith this summer? Kanuga’s Renewal Conference, offered June 25-June 30, is designed especially for you. This year’s event features keynote speaker Dr. C. Baxter Kruger—theologian, Director of Perichoresis Ministries, and author of the international bestseller The Shack Revisited.

His book The Shack Revisited, a companion piece to the book and movie The Shack, provides the foundation for his teachings during the conference. This year’s conference focuses on the Trinitarian Life, a specialty of Dr. Kruger.


Exploring the Foundations of Faith

“During Kanuga’s Renewal Conference, we’ll talk about the beautiful life of the Father, Son, and Spirit,” say Dr. Kruger. “We’ll discuss how the Holy Spirit opens our eyes to see what is, and anchor our discussion in scripture so we can examine the Trinity.”

While the conference promises to tackle some of the biggest topics in faith today, the atmosphere will be welcoming with an inviting mix of faith, history, and storytelling. “I tell stories and write books, because I want people to understand. Theology scares a lot of people,” says Dr. Kruger.

A Meeting Too Beautiful for Words

In true Kanuga fashion, expect some of the best moments to happen during the quiet hours after the day’s formal sessions have ended. “I’m looking forward most to debriefing with people at the end of the day, and having meaningful conversations in the evening after the day’s activities,” says. Dr. Kruger. “I want to take the time to walk people through what the Apostle John is trying to say in his gospel and help people meet Jesus inside their hearts.”

For those doubting the impact of this conference, Dr. Kruger has a few words of wisdom. “We are going to meet Jesus, the Father, and the Holy Spirit. It will be too beautiful for words. If you’re searching for renewal, breathtaking vision, and a sense of real hope, then don’t miss this conference.”

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