Quilting Projects

Carolyn Ratola, Certified Instructor


Star 60  workshop —  Deb’s newest tool, the Star 60 will have you going down the rabbit hole of the 60 degree shapes.  This tool comes with a free pattern Hextravaganza that introduces you to the basic Star 60 unit, companion triangles, along with the setting half triangles.  And, as usual, these units are oversized and trimmed down to precision, with the ability to also precision cut certain shapes like the hexagons.  Add a new Technique sheet to go with and the possibilities just expanded.  One Block Wonder(OBW) quilts can be made with this tool along with incorporating the 3-D cubes and different star blocks to enhance the OBW.  And, there’s a new Technique Sheet for making the 3-D Hollow Cubes! Sorry, no picture yet, but trust me, it’s fun!




free pattern with the Star 60 tool 


This projects gets the student comfortable with the tool and produces a small topper with the Basic Star 60 units, companion triangles, and half rectangles using 3 fabrics.





Cubed project

Star 60 tool and the Capped 60 Technique Sheet  Based on a pattern in a book, I created this table topper of cubes with 3 fabrics of light, medium and dark.  This is a stand-alone technique using the Star 60 tool and Technique Sheet.

Rapid Fire Hunter’s Star workshop   —  


Hidden Treasures 

Hunter’s Star patterns are one of the iconic 2 color high contrast quilt patterns that are always striking.  This book contains over 30 different layouts using the same amount of fabrics for the choices.  The Hunter’s Star is only created once 4 blocks are put together.  The block itself does not form the star.  This is a Fat Quarter friendly workshop.


This workshop will focus on making the different combinations of Hunter’s Star blocks using light/light; dark/dark; or light/dark combinations based on the layout you choose.  The

blocks have a precision cut and then everything is oversized and trimmed down to make perfect blocks.



 Basic Recipe

The Basic Recipe is a workshop option.  This workshop introduces  students to the Rapid Fire Hunter’s Star using only 2 colors of fabric in a light/dark combination or 3 colors for focus stars. This tool creates oversized and then trimmed down units without the “Y” seams or templates.  It’s fun and rewarding to see all the different layouts you can create with the Basic Recipe!


Another Lemoyne Star project with an additional tool


Remembrance is a small 18″ x 18″ project using the Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star, Tucker Trimmer III and V Block

Trimmer.  This pattern was created by one of my fellow Certified Instructors and she loves to make miniatures.  She also uses the back end of the RFLS to get the two color star points in the center star.  If miniature is too small for you, we can adapt pattern to a bigger size.