Providing a Brighter Future: The Minkler Howell Grant

03.09.2018 - Kanuga Stories

Non-profit and parish programs often face a common obstacle—securing funds for future plans and operations. As a fellow non-profit, Kanuga understands this challenge and is proud to offer the Patricia Minkler Howell Endowment.

Helping Fund Worthy Causes

Eligible programs can apply now through April 15; the timing is ideal for summer programs looking for supplemental funding. Founded in 2000, The Patricia Minkler Howell Endowment for Children’s Outreach aims to assist community-based programs created by parishes, dioceses, and nonprofits. There is a special emphasis on youth serving other youth. The maximum award is $4,000 and is frequently divided to support several worthy projects. Partnerships involving two or more congregations, dioceses or nonprofits are especially encouraged to apply.

Supporting Transformative Programs Through the Years

Past grant recipients have included the Camp Jump Start in Atlanta, GA, which served Hispanic, Latino, and African American children through a two-week day camp; Grace-St. Luke’s Episcopal Church’s Camp Outreach summer program; and a regional Camp Able hosted by St. Columba Episcopal Conference & Retreat Center.

The grant is just another way Kanuga aims to awaken a world of good beyond its borders. “The Minkler Howell Grant allows Kanuga Endowment to support inspiring efforts in the area in which individuals are providing services for young people,” says Michael R. Sullivan President of Kanuga. “This is just as our founder Bishop Kirkman Finlay envisioned during the early years of this sacred place.”

Apply for 2018 Grants

Those looking to make a difference in their communities can still apply for the Minkler Howell Endowment Grant through April 15. Learn more about the application process.