Provide Your Kanuga Camper with a Sense of Adventure

09.26.2017 - Our Programs

With the first signs of fall in the air, it seems as though summer is a mere memory. Camp is over, and the arrival of the next camp season seems far away. With time on your side, now is the perfect time to explore new and exciting opportunities for your child’s next session at Camp Kanuga.

The Adventure of a Lifetime Awaits

The 2018 session marks the second year of our Camp Kanuga Expeditions. Designed with older campers in mind, these camps can be enjoyed as a primary camp experience or added to the beginning or end of traditional camp sessions.

Expeditions for Pioneers caters to kids ages 12-15, while Expeditions for Explorers is open to ages 14-18. Both programs focus on adventure, new skills, dynamic experiences, and building relationships.

“We wanted to offer exposure to new things that expands their horizons,” says Camp Kanuga Director David Schnitzer. “When you teach a camper a new skill, they start seeing themselves as valuable because someone has invested the time to teach them. The moment they know they can learn something ‘hard’ the whole world opens up. They realize they have the ability to do this task and successfully accomplish other things in life as well.”

A Perfect Mix of Fun and New Skills

With the Pioneer program, campers spend a week enjoying several mini-adventures such as challenge courses, zip line canopy tours, kayaking, rafting, waterfall hikes, and mountain biking. As they work together as a team, they’ll forge lifelong friendships while testing and surpassing their personal limits.

Older campers who are part of the Expeditions for Explorers session pack up for a 13 or 18-day adventure. Set in the wilds of Western North Carolina or in the Alaskan bush, these diverse experiences share common core values. Campers refine their survival skills by learning how to cook outdoors, pack gear, read maps, and thrive in the backcountry.

New Friendships, New Skills, New Confidence

While Camp Kanuga Expeditions showcase adventure and fun, the foundation is centered around building successful relationships and a brighter future for campers. “At the end of the day, it’s about community and relationships,” says David. “We just happen to do a lot of cool stuff that build those relationships.”

Learn more about our Camp Kanuga Expeditions programs and reserve your child’s spot now.