Personal Discovery Awaits with Our Enneagram Conference

07.13.2017 - Conference & Retreat

Take the first step on a journey of healing and understanding with Kanuga’s Enneagram Conference, October 26-29. The conference is taught by Dr. Joe Howell, a clinical psychologist, Enneagram author and founder of the Institute for Conscious Being.

While there are many systems and tests for understanding personality, Enneagram is the only method that delves into the soul. “We are actually spiritual beings that are housed in a body,” says Dr. Howell. “The Enneagram may show us our personality, but it also uncovers the soul underneath the personality. We teach the spiritually of the Enneagram, which deliniates the soul behind the personality.”

Learn How to Care for Your Soul

Nurturing the soul has always been important, but it’s especially important in these modern times. Dr. Howell emphasizes returning to what he calls “soul qualities” in the conference. “Our soul qualities are being neglected and not being remembered,” says Dr. Howell. “We are missing out on qualities such as loving kindness, patience, openness to diversity, transparency to divine messages, and harmony with nature and others.”

During the conference, Dr. Howell encourages each participant to embrace their soul qualities. “We learn how to identify, remember, nurture, and reincorporate soul qualities into our lives,” he says.

One of the unique ways the conference feeds the soul is through the en vivo approach. Kanuga’s Enneagram conference is the only conference that uses actors to portray the nine points on the Enneagram for a deeper understanding of how each type interacts with others.

Build Lasting Connections with Self and Others

Participants also have the luxury of being in groups with their own Enneagram type. Dr. Howell organizes the conference this way because it provides tremendous personal affirmation. As a bonus, fast friendships are often made within the groups. “You have very dear friends within the first hour, because you’ve gone to the deepest level of interaction, which is the soul,” says Dr. Howell.

While lasting friendships are valuable, the real reward is often clarity and a renewed sense of direction. “So many people who attend say to me, ‘I have felt an internal shift which has been a blessing for my life. So much I couldn’t see, now I see. Where I felt there wasn’t direction, God has provided direction.’,” says Dr. Howell.

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