Kanuga Renewal Conference

A Surplus of Love: Living the Fullness of the Christian Life in Relationship with the Trinitarian God


June 25-30, 2023

Registration coming February 1

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The Rev. Dr. Rob Sturdy, Anglican Chaplain to the Corp of Cadets at St. Alban’s Anglican Chapel at the Citadel, Charleston

A distinctive of the Christian faith is our belief in one God who exists as three persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. At its most accessible, the doctrine of the Trinity presents a loving Father at the center of all life, who from a surplus of love sends the Son to make a sacrifice of love, from which we are given the gift of the divine person of love, God’s Holy Spirit. Christians are called to both participate in this Trinitarian life of surplus and sacrificial love, as well as to establish patterns of the same here on earth. Our time together will invite us deeper into communion with God in meditation and worship, as well as teach us practical ways that we can live this out with our neighbors. 

Todd Fields
Worship Circle in Atlanta

For the past 32 years Todd has been involved in church music and worship leadership. He started out in a youth group band with friend Andy Stanley in the 1980s, partnered with Louie Giglio in the 1990s and early 2000s, traveled with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, and worked contractually and on staff as a worship pastor at North Point Community for 21 years.

The Very Rev. Aiden Smith
Dean, Trinity Cathedral in Pittsburgh

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