Adult Conferences & Retreats
Inspiring guests to live the faith and pass it on.
Family Guest Periods
Escape the ordinary with an all-inclusive mountain getaway and experience the Kanuga spirit.
KEY Conferences
KEY Conferences—Kanuga Empowered Youth inspiring spiritual community.
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Kanuga Programs

Transform through conferences, guest periods and
programming for youth and adults.


Kanuga is called to produce compelling programs—conferences, getaways and camps—that inspire transformation in adults and youth.

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Adult Conferences

Revisited and beloved for providing respite, growth and transformation, Kanuga sponsors and organizes ten adult conferences each year. For over 85 years, Kanuga’s adult conferences have molded lives with continuing education, encouraging adults to live the faith and pass it on.

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Family Guest Periods

Find respite and fun on an all-inclusive family getaway. You and your loved ones will enjoy lodging, recreational activities, meals and programming for all ages in a beautiful mountain setting.

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KEY Conferences

Kanuga Empowered Youth Conferences provide an extraordinary experience for young people and youth groups. Through personal, professional and spiritual development, this conference series focuses on training youth to be leaders in the Church.

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Camps & Outdoor Education

Camp Kanuga and Trailblazers challenges campers with adventures, nurtures their relationships and inspires them to grow in their faith. Camp Bob offers an uplifting summer experience to children who otherwise might not be able to attend camp. Mountain Trail Outdoor School teaches experiential education to increase awareness of the natural environment.

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Kanuga Blog:

Discover what's happening in our mountain valley.

Kanuga Conferences Keep Participants Engaged

This spring and summer, Kanuga conference organizers and those leading events at Kanuga have worked hard to keep engagement high, either by transition...

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Kanuga Trail Conservancy Opens to New Members

If you share our passion for conservation and the natural world, we invite you to become a member of the Kanuga Trails Conservancy. Join us in the enj...

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Kanuga is pleased to welcome guests back to its 1,400-acre retreat with Kanuga Cottage & Inn Retreats, an innovative summer solution for families...

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KEY Conferences
Kanuga Empowered Youth: You're the key for spiritual growth.
Make new friends and explore your faith in a welcoming Christian community. Attend Youth Week in conjunction with Winterlight.
Mountain Trail Outdoor School
Bring your students to the MTOS outdoor classroom.
Hands-on experiential learning designed to increase awareness and stewardship of our natural environment. Plan a field trip!
Experience Kanuga
Counting the days until I'm rocking on the front porch.
Jessica Guttry Visser
Kanuga is like none other...
Peggy Crandall Puryear
I love Kanuga! Been there for Parish Weekends, Thanksgiving and Winterlight! Kanuga is a thin place for me!
Meg Hibbitts
The depth of creativity, community and closeness to Creator I experienced at Kanuga was profound, I had never felt such deep connections before.
Linda Wiggen Kraft, workshop instructor for Faith, Art and Creative Expression
My life, like so many others, has been powerfully influenced by Kanuga’s programs. Years of participation at Kanuga nurtured me as a lay leader and offered me outstanding preparation for seminary and ordained ministry. As a new minister, I know I will continue to be formed at Kanuga for the changing needs of the Church.
Rebecca Nelson Edwards, curate of Good Samaritan Episcopal Church, San Diego, CA