One truth, many paths: Kanuga’s annual Enneagram Conference now offers two levels of study

09.04.2014 - Adult Conferences, Our Programs

Spiritual transformation is a process. In December, Dr. Joe Howell will return to Kanuga and continue the process of raising consciousness through the ancient form of the Enneagram. The three-day conference, scheduled for December 4–7,  will focus on explicating the wisdom of this spiritual system to those who want to develop spiritual awareness of their own essential nature, their false self, the levels of consciousness and the graced complexity of human relationships.

This year, Howell and the staff of the Institute of Conscious Being, including Dr. Raymond Moody, The Rev. Susan Sloan, The Rev. Rick Putman, Livy Abele, LCSW, journalist Brigid Galloway and other esteemed instructors, will provide two levels of study to accommodate both those new to the Enneagram and those who have experience with its methodology and truths. Live lecture, video, small groups, specifically-designed experiential exercises and selected workshops will provide an accelerated and state-of-the-art format.

General Conference and Basic Course of Study

The general conference will offer instruction and workshops for beginners. This track takes participants all the way through the basics to advanced concepts of the Enneagram, and is supplemented by basic workshop offerings. Workshop topics include:

  • Using the Enneagram to Coach Your Life, presented by The Rev. John Adams, M. Div., BCC (Certified Enneagram Instructor 2013)
  • Art and Reflections on the Holy Idea, presented by Amy Kirchoff
  • Letting Your Light Shine: The Enneagram and Psalms, presented by Rev. Norma Hanson, M. Div., Ret. (Certified Enneagram Instructor 2014)
  • The Ennea-Circle of Growth: Part I, Individual & Interpersonal, presented by Dr. Monique Mitchell and Stan Bailey (Certified Enneagram Instructors 2014)
  • The Ennea-Circle of Growth: Part II, Community & Societal, presented by Terri Bailey and Galen McWilliams (Certified Enneagram Instructors 2014)
  • Prayer & The Enneagram, presented by Becky Grisell (Certified Enneagram Instructor 2014)
Advanced Study for the Enneagram Experienced

For the first time, an advanced track will also be offered to challenge those who are already well-versed in the Enneagram. This option will include a suite of more in-depth classes and workshops. Advanced workshops are three hours each and include the following topics:

  • The Beatitudes and the Enneagram, presented by Livy Abele, LCSW
  • The Enneagram and Jung: A Tool and Paradigm for Spiritual Direction, presented by The Rev. Rick Putman (Certified Enneagram Instructor 2013)
  • Writing Down the Soul: Techniques for Discovering Your Essential Stories, presented by Brigid Elsken Galloway

“This finely designed and exciting conference is not just an intellectual endeavor, but a deep personal experience which brings each student, regardless of their knowledge of the Enneagram, to a deeper connection with its spiritual principles,” Howell says. “Like learning a dance, when it is learned at the level of ‘muscle memory,’ the dance is not a ‘thought’ but is second nature. Even those with substantial experience with the Enneagram will be taken to a new level of awareness.”

A Special Invitation to Deepen Consciousness

Participants in both tracks are invited to attend a special luncheon presentation given by Dr. Howell, faculty and staff on the Certification Process offered by the Institute for Conscious Being in “Advanced Studies in the Spirituality of the Enneagram.” For more information, go to

Continuing Education Credits (CEU’s) are not formally given by this conference. Conference materials, stated objectives, handouts, schedules, presenter bios, workshop and lecture explanations may be used by the participant who wishes to submit these to their professional organizations for continuing education units.

Those who desire a spot in the 2015 Certification Training Program may apply in a special on-site accelerated application process developed for participants who attend this December’s conference at Kanuga. The training is held in three separate intensive weekends conducted within the year 2015. The certification is granted by The Institute for Conscious Being in Advanced Studies in the Spirituality of the Enneagram. Other ways and times to apply will be provided at the conference.

For conference registration and more information, click here.