One for the Memories: Summer Guest Period 2019

08.26.2019 - Guest Periods

The end of summer heralds the conclusion of Summer Guest Period at Kanuga. This year, we enjoyed seven weeks with families and friends at our historic cottages and Kanuga Lake Inn. Hundreds of tennis balls were served during our round robin tennis tournaments, new friends were made at our weekly square dances, and guests explored Kanuga’s expansive property during our new Eco Tours.

An Extraordinary Start to Summer

While the activities were memorable, the joy and camaraderie were extraordinary during those seven weeks. Our employees created and shared in the fun this summer, and the common observation was that this year was simply the best one yet at Kanuga.

“There was so much much fun and excitement this year at Summer Guest Period,” said Jim Hackney, Executive Vice President for Advancement. “People just couldn’t wait to get up and get started in the morning. It was such a blessing for us to be a part of that.”

Jimmy Haden, Executive Vice President for Mission, echoed the sentiment. “At the conclusion of Week One, I felt it was the best Week One I had experienced and observed in my 26 years at Kanuga! The staff expressed it and the guests experienced it. Best of all, that same feeling held true through each subsequent week.”

Building Community at Kanuga

For many, Summer Guest Period was the embodiment of the mission to be “One Kanuga.” Vicki Huntley, Payroll and Benefits Specialist saw this firsthand as she worked with the new summer staff. “We had an outstanding group of staff this year. Every day—whether they were interacting with kids or adult guests—they were all in. It was great to see.”

One area that exemplified the hard work of the summer staff was the Follies—a weekly talent show that incorporated guests and staff. “It was wonderful to see how community was created and how guests and staff cheered for each other in that moment,” said Jim. “It was truly a symbol of the family and community that had been built during that week at Kanuga. It was special to witness that week after week.”