Moving from Doing to Being

04.21.2022 - Aimee's Blog, Our Programs

It occurred to me during one of my morning commutes (so beautiful with turkeys stopping traffic and bright, colorful buds on trees) that I have not yet experienced spring at Kanuga. Between Youth Week and Winterlight, my experience of the seasons of Kanuga has been limited to summer and winter. So, the gift of arriving here in February and observing the transformation that happens as spring moves into the mountains has been soothing for my soul, to say the least. 

In my early conversations with Michael about becoming a part of the Kanuga team, we talked much of the importance of establishing a spiritual rhythm in the daily life of Kanuga. I was encouraged to arrive as soon as I could, to make room for the time to settle into the space and breathe in the spirit of Kanuga. 

I have lived much of my life following the rhythm of “doing,” driven by the beat of producing, earning, and over-functioning. Needless to say, that rhythm is exhausting and leads to burnout. Learning how to move to the rhythm of “being”—while a welcome blessing—has been more complicated than I imagined.   

Even here at Kanuga, there are times when we get caught up in the rhythm of doing. We come here and find ourselves swept up in being together and learning all that we can from speakers, workshops, activities, and late-night conversations. There have been times when I have left Kanuga with my heart full but my body exhausted. 

Part of my job as Kanuga’s coordinator of community and spiritual life is to listen for Kanuga’s spiritual rhythm, the unique rhythm that vibrates between so many layers, experiences, and spaces. It is a complex rhythm that we cannot rush to understand, and that must be discovered through intention and in community. It is my hope that you will join me in my practice to do that important listening. I’m working to develop opportunities for those physically present at Kanuga (and not) to engage in this spiritual practice and process.

“Being’s” rhythm is subtle. When we surrender to it, we are led to stillness, rest, and awareness. Let’s listen together in order that we might come to understand the rhythm of Kanuga. Look for your invitation to “be” with us soon.

—Aimee Bostwick, Coordinator of Community & Spiritual Life