Military families enjoy a week of Camp Bob at Kanuga

04.12.2016 - Camp Bob, Camps & Outdoor Education
Camp Bob at Kanuga hosts Operation Purple®

When a mother or father serves in the military, the whole family serves, too. Some children of military families may feel the effects of deployment and uncertainty that go with living a military life. That’s where Camp Bob at Kanuga and Operation Purple®, a program of the National Military Family Association step in.

For two weeks this summer, Camp Bob at Kanuga will offer 200 children of military families a safe space to connect with other children who are experiencing similar stresses. The camp, known as Operation Purple, is a branch of the National Military Family Association and takes place on the Bob Campbell Youth Campus at Kanuga at no cost to the campers or their families.

In addition to traditional camp activities, campers will participate in programs designed to help them learn healthy ways to communicate as well as celebrate the many sacrifices they make through their military connections.

“We provide the families with opportunities to connect the campers with new friends through experiences and fun activities. Most importantly, we equip them with more support,” said Katherine Parnell, director of Camp Bob. “With our partnership with the National Military Family Association, we bring in Military Family Life Counselors, therapy dogs and have military liaisons on hand who the campers can meet with to talk and ask questions.”

The camp is offered free of charge to military families thanks to grants and sponsorships. Camp Bob has hosted the program since 2008.