It takes a lot of love and attention for Kanuga’s Foster Education Garden to yield fresh and ample produce for the summer harvest. Staff planted this month, but a lot of groundwork was required first, much of it completed by Kanuga volunteers during two service weekends. In early November, these volunteers “put the garden to bed” during Homecoming, then during Spring Clean in March, another group prepared and enriched the soil. This heavy lifting by volunteers was critical to the garden’s health.

Staff Gardening Day, held May 13, brought employees together from across departments for a community-building service experience: planting seeds in the garden. With love and care, we seeded okra, cucumbers, radishes, squash, herbs, and so much more. Many of these gifts from God will eventually find themselves at your Kanuga dining table this summer. When we give thanks at meals, please join us in remembering the many hands that worked to provide the harvest.

In this video, we talked with employees as they were seeding in the garden. Thanks to all who contributed!