Kanuga Core Value Highlight: Sustainability

03.20.2018 - Giving to Kanuga

At the start of the year, Kanuga introduced our Core Values. Created with input from our guests and employees, our Core Values honor Kanuga’s history and serve as a pathway for our future. Sustainability is one of our primary Core Values. We treasure God’s gift of creation and commit to using sustainable models that have the least impact on our land and resources.

Protecting Our Natural Resources

If you’ve explored Kanuga on foot, chances are you’ve stumbled across our bog. Tucked along the boardwalk, this patch of property may look humble. However, it’s actually a Southern Appalachian bog, the rarest type of wetland habit in the southeastern United States. It serves as home to an array of rare plants and unique animal species and was named a wetland treasure by the Carolina Wetland Association.

“One of the primary reasons we were named a wetland treasure is because of the type of bog we have here, and because it has been so well managed,” says Clint DeWitt, Environmental Projects Manager.

New Ways to Treasure God’s Creation

Like the bog, many of Kanuga’s most beautiful spots are nestled within the campus’s hills and forest. In an effort to share more of Kanuga’s beauty with guests, we are launching expanded outdoor activities through our new Adventure Network and Eco Tours.

Our Adventure Network Activities provide the chance for groups to be renewed and challenged by nature. Enjoy boldering at the nearby quarry, exhilarating views from our high ropes course, or mountain biking along peaceful trails. At Kanuga, our backyard is the ultimate classroom.

Likewise, our new Eco Tours provide a chance to explore Kanuga and learn more about its history. With an experienced guide at the helm, guests have the chance enjoy a two-hour backcountry tour via an all-terrain vehicle. Mountain pinnacles and peaceful valleys steal the show with breathtaking views.

Support Our Core Values

Feel just as passionate as we do about preserving Kanuga? Partner with us in supporting our Core Values by donating to our Annual Fund. By supporting the mission, ministry, and maintenance of Kanuga, you help preserve our campus for the future. Donate today.