Kanuga Core Value Highlight: Stewardship

04.25.2018 - Giving to Kanuga

In January, Kanuga revealed our Core Values. These four basic tenets are designed to honor our past and provide a strong foundation for the future. Stewardship is one of our Core Values. At Kanuga, we give generously while using our inheritance wisely and utilize our resources responsibly so that Kanuga is preserved for future generations.

For years, Kanuga has been welcoming families and individuals for camps, parish retreats, guest periods, and conferences. Many of our guests have honored us with donations both large and small. As good stewards, Kanuga carefully manages all these gifts to ensure they are used responsibly and in accordance with the donors’ intentions.

One example is the Buford L. Bowen Living Trust. In 2013, the Trust was willed to Kanuga. The trust stipulates we must spend the funds properly to allow Kanuga to prosper. We use this generous gift to actively maintain our facilities and land for future generations.

“At Kanuga, we are good stewards of donors’ money,” said Gary Giniat, vice president of advancement. “We take it very seriously when anyone gives money of any amount and ensure it is used according to their intentions.”

Beyond taking care of Kanuga’s needs, we are focused on helping those around us as well. Gifts given during services at the Chapel of the Transfiguration do not stay at Kanuga. Rather, we use the funds to help others.

The funds are equally gifted to a local organization, national organization, and international organization. “The 2017 chapel offerings went to Camplify in Hendersonville, NC; the Armed Services and Federal Ministries of The Episcopal Church in Washington, D.C.; and Episcopal Relief & Development,” says Gary. “The goal is to send the money back into the world to do good.”

This year, the chapel offerings will be divided equally among critical needs in Henderson County, through partnerships nationally, and in support of the Anglican Communion throughout the world.

Support Our Core Values

Do you feel called to join us in our stewardship efforts? Consider adding Kanuga to your will. Funds can be designated to any specific need. In the past, gifts have been given for the upkeep of our gardens, Camp Kanuga, and Kanuga Lake Inn. Learn more about how you can bless Kanuga for years to come through endowments, estate plans, scholarship donations, and more.