Newly-Renovated Inn to offer improved bathrooms

03.01.2016 - Conference & Retreat, Inn Renovation

Of all the groups of people excited about the newly -renovated Kanuga Lake Inn opening by the end of May of this year, perhaps none is anticipating the opening as much as Kanuga’s housekeeping crew.

“The new facility will be awesome for my cleaning staff—fresh and new,” said Anita Whitmire, Kanuga’s housekeeping manager.

Among the many areas of improvement are the newly-designed bathrooms in the guest rooms. Whereas the sinks used to be in the actual bedroom, the new design has the sinks in the bathroom allowing for a full bathroom to be enclosed. With a reconfiguration of the original room layout, the bathrooms will be larger than before, as well.

Guests will notice several other changes with the bathrooms. The showers, tub surrounds and floors will be tile. In line with the trend of new lodging facilities, the Inn will offer showers in 36 of the 61 rooms, while the remaining 25 rooms will offer a combination shower and tub. One of the reasons for some of the shower-only rooms is to provide more accessible accommodations.

The decision to offer rooms with a combination shower and tub was made by the planning committee after hearing feedback from guest input sessions at the 2015 Summer Guest Period that tubs were still important to some guests, especially those with young children. So, to best accommodate families, guests will have the option of choosing a set of six adjoining rooms on the first floor which offer a shower in the room with a king bed and a shower/tub combination in the adjoining room with the two queen beds. Other rooms throughout the Inn will also offer the cast iron tubs.

Other improvements in the bathrooms include ample hooks for towels and robes, good lighting and exhaust fans.

In addition, there will be a centrally located public bathroom on each floor. These restrooms will be situated right off the lobby area on each floor and are designed to help groups meeting in the Common Rooms from having to travel all the way down to the first floor for a public restroom.