Immerse Yourself in Nature with Kanuga’s Eco-Tours

06.26.2018 - Camps & Outdoor Education

This summer, there’s a new and exciting way to experience Kanuga. Our new Eco-Tours provide the unique opportunity to explore our property with a knowledgeable guide via an all-terrain vehicle (ATV).

“We are especially excited for guests to have an opportunity to learn about the forests of Western North Carolina, without having to worry about their ability level,” says Clint DeWitt, Environmental Projects Manager. “We hope people will walk away with a new understanding of the scale and natural diversity of Kanuga.”

Family Fun Inspired by the Past

While the tours are a new addition to the Summer Guest Period experience, they are inspired by Kanuga’s history. During Kanuga’s formative years, families would drive their Ford Model Ts to the lookout position along Corn Mountain. From this vantage point, they could enjoy a panoramic view of Kanuga. “We want to harken back to this tradition of inclusivity in nature while educating guests on the wonders of this place we call home,” says Clint.

The two-hour tour will stop at various points of interest including Corn Mountain and Sunset Point with a leisurely descent through Kanuga’s peaceful mountain valley.

Sharing Nature’s Knowledge

Along the way, you’ll be connected to your guide via a headset radio. The guide will share details about the land’s natural history, facts about native wild plants, information about Western North Carolina’s unique ecosystem, and insight about our forest management strategies. There will be frequent stops with time for guided explorations and contemplations about our natural world.

“This gives us a great opportunity not only to educate, but to also empower our guests to expand their notion of a forest as a static place. It is an ever-changing system that we are an important part of,” says Clint. “At Kanuga, we take seriously our call to sustainability, and hope to empower participants to go back into the world empowered as well.”

Reserve Your Tour Now

Eco-Tours depart at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. and are $30 per person. Tours are limited to five guests, with early registration encouraged. Reserve your place in advance online or sign up at the Front Desk once you arrive for Summer Guest Period.