GUEST HOUSE C / Re-dedication & Blessing

08.20.2021 - Kanuga Stories

August 2, 2021, 3 p.m.

Renovated to the Glory of God
In loving memory of

Lacy Thacker High (1927-1973)

The Venerable Calhoun Walpole, Officiant

Three sisters reunited at Kanuga this summer to see and experience the results of a year-long renovation project undertaken in honor of their father, Lacy Thacker High.

The High daughters, Kathy, Becky, and Lacey, wanted to memorialize their father. ”We are grateful to Kanuga for giving us the opportunity to remember our dad,” said Kathy. “He was a person who had very high standards for the work that he did, and he set those standards for us, and he believed that all work was important to do well. Our father was a person of tremendous personal warmth. We’re glad this work (at Kanuga) involved a place for all to relax, restore, and be with their families.”

Located on a wooded rise above Lake Kanuga, Guest House C is situated snugly in the Kanuga forest along with several other guest houses.

What had been a house in desperate need of repair is now a comfortable and welcoming space for guests to enjoy at Kanuga year-round. Guest House C has undergone a top-to-bottom, inside and out renovation on every system, the flooring, plumbing, HVAC, ceilings, walls, windows, insulation, electrical, furnishings, light fixtures, porches, bathrooms, and the kitchen. Interior and exterior fresh paint topped off the project.

The 2,173 square foot house has four bedrooms and four baths, two screened porches, a full-size wood-burning fireplace, and a convenient kitchenette. The house sleeps 12, and unlike most Kanuga accommodations has four queen beds and two kings.

All furnishings, bedding, and linens are new. Kanuga’s property team put finishing touches on the project with custom mirrors made in-house, and shelving made from wood foraged from Kanuga.

In his remarks, The Rev Michael R. Sullivan, Kanuga President & CEO, said, “This gift sets the new standard for renovations at Kanuga. This guest house is a place you can find respite in the Benedictine way of radical hospitality.”

The ceremony took place during summer guest period week 5, outdoors under the pines with The Venerable Calhoun Walpole officiating. A number of neighbors from surrounding cottages attended, as well as family members and Kanuga staff who worked on the project.

Kanuga is tremendously grateful to the High family for celebrating Lacy’s memory with this gift that will benefit all who stay in Guest House C.

The Blessing
Visit with the gladness of your presence, O blessed Lord, this Guest House which we dedicate today in thanksgiving for Kanuga family and friends and to the memory of Lacy Thacker High. Bless all who will stay in this place with the gifts of hospitality and your love. May the warmth of this cottage provide joy, renewal, and comfort to those who embody the Kanuga Spirit and inspire future generations in the knowledge and love of you, O Christ.