Giving to Continue Kanuga’s Legacy

06.13.2017 - Giving to Kanuga

Through the years, Kanuga has continued to grow and thrive. This is due in part to the existence of the Annual Fund.

Designed to support the mission, ministry, and maintenance of Kanuga, this fund is driven solely by donations. Often the money goes to support visible improvements such as the recent repainting of the Lodge’s interior. Other times, it simply helps with the continual care and upkeep of our more than 150 buildings.

While the gifts are sometimes visible through tangible improvements at Kanuga, the Annual Fund’s greatest impact is in supporting our mission and ministry. Because of yearly donations, we are able to provide exceptional programs and continually improve upon our offerings.

For example, we were able to hire the Reverend Richmond Jones as the Director of Formation Programs and Resident Chaplain. One of his missions is to oversee and improve our current adult and youth programs.

With updated facilities and a successful ministry in place, we can move towards fulfilling our mission. Our goal is to maintain our gracious hospitality so we can continue to reach new people and introduce them to the joys of Kanuga. By sharing Kanuga’s legendary peace and beauty with the next generation, we ensure a brighter tomorrow for ourselves and the world at large.

Gary Giniat, vice president of advancement, emphasizes the need to prepare for the future by giving to Kanuga’s Annual Fund. “This is Kanuga’s 89th year,” says Gary. “As we get closer to our 100th year in 2028, it’s more important than ever that we continue our mission of moving forward for the next generation.”

This year, our goal is to reach $700,000. By giving generously, you not only secure Kanuga’s immediate future, but also guarantee the success of a legacy that began almost a century ago. Learn more on how you can give today.