Galloway family celebrates 40 years at Kanuga

07.10.2014 - Guest Periods, Our Programs

Good friends encouraged them to come to Kanuga’s Summer Guest Period for the first time in the early 70s and so they did, with seven children in a nine passenger vehicle with their luggage strapped to the top. They never stopped returning, with this being their 40th year in a row. Certainly, now that Mary Carolyn and Gus Galloway’s family has grown to include grandchildren and a great-grandchild, not everyone in the family makes it each year, but Mr. and Mrs. Galloway are the steadfast guests, returning with most of their family every year to stay in cottage #6, which they call “Grace.”

Mr. Galloway explained that they continued to come back in those early years because of the safety and freedom their family found at Kanuga. “We could let the children loose once we were here.”

Another reason for returning, and one theme that ties all of the years together for the Galloways, is the spiritual aspect of their Kanuga visits.

“We return every year because of how the spirit of the Lord is on these grounds. You can rest your spirit and soul while you’re here,” said Mrs. Galloway.

This year, 14 Galloway family members made it to Kanuga to enjoy fellowship, family time and the many activities for children and adults. They gathered for their family portrait on the rocking chair porch at the Kanuga Lodge on July 7, and shared some of their favorite Kanuga memories.

“Our year begins and ends with our Kanuga visit,” said Mr. Galloway. “This is how we measure our year. Mary Carolyn takes so many pictures during our stay and then makes Kanuga albums. We pull those albums out in December and relive the memories – and look forward to the next year.”

The couple spoke of the longstanding friendships they’ve developed with other families also visiting Kanuga at the same time each summer. “We may not see these friends but once a year, but our friendships are deep and it’s as though no time has passed since we saw each other last,” said Mr. Galloway.

Kanuga’s Summer Guest Period has become a beloved tradition for many, with generations overlapping and friendships renewed in a Christian community. Guests can also visit in the fall, at Thanksgiving, and Christmas.Learn more about Kanuga’s Guest Periods to start your own tradition.