From the President of Kanuga

08.06.2019 - Uncategorized

As our nation mourns, we are reminded once again of the horror that comes from disrespect and violence in our country. Kanuga has always been a gathering place inviting all people to connect with each other, nature and the Creator. By honoring the dignity of every human being, we seek to inspire a more mindful and compassionate world, and in times such as these, we focus solely on that mission.

This mission has been in our DNA since Bishop Kirkman Finlay established Kanuga in 1928.  Speaking about the mission of our beloved place, he remarked: “I am speaking today in the interests of those who for one reason or another have had the cards stacked against them. In some cases, they have been handicapped by location, by their place of residence. In others, by economic conditions, inadequate income. In others, by the fact that they are descendants of people who were carried by force from their native land, brought to our shores and then forced to labor without any financial return.” He continued, specifically speaking of Kanuga’s enduring vision, “If we have anything worthwhile, we are due to share it with all people.”

In the coming days, our team will continue to serve all those called to us for rest and renewal. At the same time, we will reflect deeply on our inheritance and how we continue to support all people for a world of good. How can we live the Good News to overcome hate? How can we help communities seek justice and peace, tearing down walls of oppression and bearing Light into places of darkness? We stand ready to help The Episcopal Church and all other communities in this imperative work.

This evening at a vigil in the Chapel of the Transfiguration, dedicated to our founder, the Paschal Candle will stand as a beacon of hope, for where there is death and destruction, our God claims light and life. Join us in seeking God’s peace for the world. Join us in truly gathering all people for a world of goodness.

Michael Sullivan, President of Kanuga