Find Inspiration at Our Church Leadership Conference

02.16.2018 - Adult Conferences

Looking to find new ideas and inspiration as you serve within the church? Kanuga’s Church Leadership Conference, held March 2-4, is designed to refresh those who give of their talents.

Held in partnership with the Episcopal Church Foundation (ECF), the weekend event features speakers and presenters who will focus on strategic planning, church leadership, and finances.

Discover Invigorating Examples of Discipleship

Keynote speaker The Rev. Bonnie A. Perry from All Saints Episcopal Church in Chicago, IL, will share some of her parish’s recent work. Her hope is to inspire innovative ways to serve those within the church and surrounding communities. “I think the gospel lines transcend everything,” says Perry. “If we’re able to talk about specific things that our parish has done, then I hope people will take a piece of that idea and immerse themselves into their community’s culture.”

Perry reveals that she hopes attendees will leave excited to act out the gospel. “In the church, we so often talk about what we have, and how people are longing for it. But the inverse is also true,” says Perry. “The people outside our doors have spiritual lives. How are we learning about those lives? How are we meeting people and being changed by them?”

Make Time for Spiritual Reflection & Growth

In addition to Perry’s keynote address, which opens the conference, the weekend will include small group time, multiple workshops, and a team leadership exercise. Worship, morning and evening prayers, and a Eucharist service provide plenty of opportunities for spiritual reflection in the midst of Kanuga’s sacred space.

For those looking for a reason to come, Donald V. Romanik, ECF President, provides the perfect invitation. “The focus of the Church Leadership Conference is to strengthen, equip and re-energize church leaders for the evolving challenges of their ministry,” says Donald. “Each year ECF gathers experts and workshop leaders from around our Church to share best practices and practical tools and ideas in the critical areas of strategic visioning, financial planning and leadership. I look forward to seeing you there!”

Reserve Your Place Now

Space is still available for our Church Leadership Conference. Make reservations online now.