Find Answers and Healing at Our Fall Enneagram Conference

08.28.2019 - Conference & Retreat

What if the path to peace and the tools for healing division were within reach? This fall, the Institute for Conscious Being presents the Kanuga conference “The Power of the Enneagram: Experiencing Your Soul.”

Held October 31 through November 3, the conference is led by psychologist Dr. Joseph Howell. Dr. Howell is the author of Becoming Conscious: The Enneagram’s Forgotten Passageway and is on the faculty of the Institute for Conscious Being (ICB).

Discover the Power of the Enneagram

“Enneagram combines the science of psychology with the spiritual,” says Dr. Howell. “We are spiritual beings that are housed in a body. The beauty of the Enneagram is that it may show us our personality, but it ultimately uncovers the soul underneath the personality.”

This year’s session will examine the concept of the “soul child.” “We took an in-depth look at the “soul child” concept at the International Enneagram Association Global Conference this past July in Oakland, California,” says Dr. Howell. The Kanuga conference is the only other Enneagram event this year that focuses on the soul child. Kanuga’s session also includes advanced workshops for those already familiar with Enneagram basics.

Take the First Steps to Nurturing Your Soul

During a time when headlines focus on division and the world appears to be filled with unrest, Enneagram offers the opportunity to make a difference by providing the first steps to healing. “So many people feel powerless right now. There’s a lot of pain and discord among family members and co-workers due to tough topics like politics,” says Dr. Howell. “The Enneagram offers a new language for people to talk to each other about these topics. It helps us look for the voice within ourselves and better understand others from a new point of view.”

Dr. Howell has studied and taught the Enneagram for more than 28 years. With more than two decades of sharing Enneagram with others, a common phrase that echoes among attendees is “I felt an internal shift, which has been a blessing for my life.” We frequently hear, “So much I couldn’t see, now I see. Where I felt there wasn’t direction, God has provided direction,” says Dr. Howell.

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