Baldwin’s Reach
MODERATE – Orange Blaze – .5 mi.
Start: Foster Educational Garden
Finish: Corn Mtn, Sunset Point

Facing the gazebo in front of Foster Educational Garden, the trailhead begins to the right. Cross the bridge over Little Mud Creek and continue past the garden. Cross over the creek again and find the trail directly across Evans Road from the bridge. After a steep climb through the rhododendron, the trail levels out to the left. From here, the surrounding forest becomes more of an oak/beech mix as the trail climbs until it meets with Corn Mountain Trail. Take a right at this intersection and follow the trail to the top of Corn Mountain, where you may access Sunset Point Overlook trailhead on the left.  

Corn Mountain Trail
MODERATE – White Blaze – 2.83 mi.
Start: Red gate at the intersection of Kangua Lake Road and Evans Road 
Finish: Sunset Point 

Start on Daisy’s Lake Trail across from Foster Educational Garden. When the trail makes a hard left, turn right and cross Evans Road. Follow the road to the left until you see a red gate. Walk through the gate and follow the trail into the woods. Corn Mountain Trail follows an old logging road, and in several places you can see remnants of old growth, row plantings of pine, campsites used by summer camps and a diversity of wildflowers in the spring. You may follow Baldwin’s Reach Trail back down to campus by turning right or continuing down Corn Mountain Trail. Walk less than a quarter of a mile to reach Sunset Point Overlook Trail on your left. Continue straight following the contours of the mountain back down to Evans Road where you will pass another red gate and house to your left before crossing the road. You may cross the road by the mail boxes, walk over the stream, and make your way back to Kanuga via Quarry Trail through Bob Campbell Youth Campus, or take a right at the road and continue down Evans Road until you reach the open field; from there you may take Baldwin’s Reach Trail back to campus.

Daisy’s Lake Trail
EASY – White Blaze – 1.75 mi.
Start: Far right corner of dam
Finish: Daisy’s Long Loop or Daisys Short Loop 

Daisy’s Lake Trail is an easy, flat path encircling Kanuga Lake. From Kanuga Lake Inn’s playground, take the boardwalk through the Bog, then keep to the lakeside path on your right. Pass the point firepit and tennis courts on your left. Follow the path to the grassy dam at the north end of the lake. Cross the dam and take the marked wooded trail on your right. The shady trail meanders underneath Rhododendron boughs, following the back edge of the lake until passing behind the cross. Choose Daisy’s short or long loop from here.

Daisy’s Short Loop: After passing the cross, descend the stairs to the right to Lowery’s Crossing boardwalk, which ends behind Kanuga’s gym. To return to Kanuga Lake Inn, continue to the right along the forest’s edge to follow alongside the lake or cut up through the cottages to return to Kanuga Lake Inn. 

Daisy’s Long Loop: Instead of taking the stairs down to Lowery’s Creek, continue straight on the main path, keeping right until seeing the sign for Foster Educational Garden. Take a right on the gravel road, passing Ned Ball Pond on the right. Continue on the gravel road past Bob Campbell Youth Campus on your left. This road becomes paved, and leads directly to the cottages, Main Lodge, and Inn.

Daisy’s Lake Trail Extension 
Easy – White Blaze .26 mile 
Start at the dam near the entrance to Daisy’s Lake Trail, take the higher path to the left of the main trail. Follow the path over a few gentle slopes until it connects back with Daisy’s Lake Trail. Once you reach the end, turn left to continue along Daisy’s Lake Trail towards the cross and Lowery’s Crossing, or turn right to return to the dam. 

Doug Stirling
Difficult – Yellow Blaze – 2 mi.
Start: Far left corner of Dam
Finish: Wolf Mountain or High Rocks Overlook

The trail begins at the far end of the dam on the left over a small footbridge. Cross Kanuga Lake Road to continue on the trail. The trail follows Little Mud Creek for a quarter of a mile before crossing the creek again near the bottoms field. There, it meanders through pine forests before it pops out on Kanuga Lake Road near Ride Kanuga’s gate. Use caution when crossing the road and continue up the trail following the yellow blazes as it passes by Lake McCready and the zipline course. Take a right onto an old roadbed for about 100 yards and then a left to climb up several switchbacks into a cove area. At the top of the cove, take a left and another left to follow another old logging road to the top of Wolf Mountain. You will see Wolf Mountain Out and Back Trail on your left, which leads to the top of Wolf Mountain, or you may turn right to continue on Doug Stirling. The trail follows the ridgeline until curving to the right and down to High Rocks Overlook. You mayn then take Rufus Morgan Trail or Geyer Long Rocks Trail back down to campus.

Geyer Long Rocks
Difficult – Yellow Blaze – 1.3 mi.
Start: Carter Lodge
Finish: Long Rocks Overlook

From the Kanuga Lake Inn or Main Lodge, go to Carter Lodge (accessible by going up the steps near Cottage #26 following the gravel road back to the paved road that goes by Carter on the left). Continue past Carter to a large gravel lot, turn left and go up to Flat Gap where Geyer Long Rocks Trail turns sharply to the right (continue straight to follow Jim Redd Trail) then climb steeply for .6 miles to reach Geyer Lock Rocks Campsite and Andrew Baker Overlook. The upper end of Jim Redd Trail comes in on the left just before you reach the overlook. From the overlook, continue to the right and descend .3 miles to the junction of Rufus Morgan Trail, which you may follow back down to campus.

Jim Redd Trail
Difficult – Red Blaze – 2 mi.  
Start: Geyer Long Rocks Trail
Finish: Long Rocks Overlook 

Follow the directions for Long Rocks Trail up to the red gate past Carter Lodge. Continue straight along the path, following the red blaze until you reach an open field with campsites. Continue straight through the field and at the other end you will find a sign for Jim Redd Trail. The trail goes down to a power line clearing, turns right to follow the power lines, then turns right again to an old logging road. The road climbs gently for almost half a mile then takes a sharp right onto a primitive trail. Be sure to look for the blazes. The trail climbs and descends several times before the final climb to reach Long Rocks Campsite and Andrew Baker Overlook. The view is to the left of the campsite.

Quarry Trail 
EASY – Green Blaze – .5 mil.
Start: Behind Andrews Dining Hall on BCYC 
Finish: Jim Redd Trail  

The trail begins behind Andrews Dining Hall at Bob Campbell Youth Campus. Walk down the gravel road, passing Gehman Outdoor Chapel on your left and Perry Pavillion on your right and continue straight, cutting across the powerline. The trail narrows past the challenge course on your left and gently curves back to the right following a small stream until reaching a large rock outcropping. Follow the trail through the rhododendron thickets and along the stream until you reach a small clearing for an old campsite. Walk across the stream to the left of the campsite and immediately turn right. You should see an opening where the powercut bisects the forest. Continue straight to take Jim Redd Trail to the covered wagon campsite and back to campus, or take a left at the powercut and follow Jim Redd Trail up to Geyer Long Rocks Overlook.

Rufus Morgan
Moderate – Blue Blaze – 1 mi.
Start: High Rocks Trail Road 
Finish: High Rocks, Wolf Mountain

From Kanuga Lake Inn or Main Lodge, follow the main road toward the tennis courts. Look left to find the gravel half-moon entrance and creek, and walk across the footbridge. Walk up the gravel road about 20 yards until reaching the trailhead on the left. Do not follow the gravel road; it is a vehicle route with several blind curves. The trail (which for a brief while is also Stations of the Cross) passes St. Francis outdoor chapel on the left and continues alongside the unnamed creek. After crossing the first boardwalk, the Stations of the Cross trail continues around to the left to cross the creek; remain straight with the creek on your left. After several more footbridge stream crossings, continue the ascent until you reach an intersection in the trail. Turn left to follow an old roadbed with Ride Kanuga’s mountain biking trails to your right. Pass through Hungry Dog Gap intersection with Geyer Long Rocks trail to the left. Continue straight, going downhill gently. You will see a split in the trail; go left to reach the campsite at Browns Cove or stay right following the blue trail blaze to reach High Rocks Overlook. To continue to Wolf Mountain, pass the old stone fireplace on your right to use the trail connecting with Doug Stirling Trail. 

Stations of the Cross
EASY – Follow the Station Markers – .15 mi.
Start: High Rocks Trail Road 
Finish: St. Francis Chapel or Guest Cottages

From Kanuga Lake Inn or Main Lodge, follow the main road toward the tennis courts. Look left to find the gravel half-moon entrance and creek, and walk across the footbridge. Walk up the gravel road about 20 yards until reaching the woodland trail on the left. Do not follow the gravel road; it is a vehicle route with several blind curves. Winding gently for a time alongside the forested Rufus Morgan Trail before looping off to the left across the creek, the woodland trail passes St. Francis Chapel on the left and continues alongside the creek. After crossing the first boardwalk, the trail continues around to the left and across a small bridge. Following up the path at a mild incline, you will encounter plaques (stations) that depict the places of Jesus’ Passion in the Holy Land. The trail continues onto the gravel road that leads to guest houses. After the last station, take the stairs on the left to return to St. Francis Outdoor Chapel for a loop, or remain straight to reach Guest House F and the cottages.

Sunset Point Overlook Trail
EASY- Blue blaze .25 mile 
Start: Corn Mtn 
Finish: Sunset Point Overlook 

The trailhead for Sunset Point is about one mile in from the red gate at the start of Corn Mountain Trail or a quarter of a mile from the top of Baldin;s Reach Trail. Once you turn left at the trailhead sign, continue along the path for about one hundred yards, turning around a few curves. There will be a split in the trail. You may go either way as it is a small loop. The overlook faces Northeast with winter views into Crab Creek Valley. 

Wolf Mountain Out ‘n Back
Moderate  – .11 mi. 
Start: High Rocks Overlook 
Finish:Wolf Mountain Overlook

Starting from the overlook at High Rocks, take the Doug Stirling trail at the far end, following up along the ridge for about a quarter of a mile. You will come to an intersection of trails. Turn left and you will see the trailhead sign for Wolf Mountain Out and Back Trail immediately on the right hand side of the path (or continue straight to follow Doug Stirling Trail). Take Wolf Mountain Out and Back Trail to climb the mountainside for less than a quarter of a mile, through rhododendron thickets and around a few switchbacks to reach the top of Wolf Mountain. Walk between two posts and then take a sharp left to reach the covered pavilion and map of Ride Kanuga Mountain Bike Park. Please note the other trails located at the top of Wolf Mountain are for mountain bikes only. Turn around and come back down the same trail to reach the intersection of trails again. You may cross the intersection to return to High Rocks Overlook and back down to campus via Rufus Morgan trail or take a right to continue on Doug Stirling Trail.