Where does your donation to the annual fund go?

11.27.2013 - Conference & Retreat, Giving to Kanuga

The Kanuga Annual Fund is the pillar that supports every aspect of our operations. Three simple words describe how your gift makes a huge impact on the programs and people of Kanuga: mission, ministry and maintenance.

Yes, it is true that a portion of every dollar we raise goes to staffing, administration and supplies—the essential costs of running our business.  We are extremely committed in our obligation to you to spend donor dollars wisely. Steadfast in monitoring staffing levels, administrative costs and all spending, our goal is continually to make certain we have the funds to focus on the three areas that sustain this wonderful place.

An unrestricted gift to Kanuga’s Annual Fund impacts each area of Kanuga’s mission, ministries and upkeep of natural and man-made spaces.

Your contribution enables Kanuga to:

  • Build community, allowing us to share God’s creation with all—regardless of religious, ethnic, and socioeconomic background—in order for all who enter here to develop life-changing relationships. Your dollars are spent toward keeping program costs as low as possible as well as helping us reach out to new and ever-changing audiences.
  • Empower people, young and old, to better understand themselves, others and God through meaningful programs. The money we raise allows us to create a variety of spiritual activities that allow for individuals, families, campers, old friends, and new friends to bond together while visiting this sacred place.
  • Maintain Kanuga’s campus and facilities. Without continual upkeep of Kanuga’s 1,400 acres and repairs and renovations of the 150 buildings on our campus, our ministries and programs could not as effectively transform our visitors. Every dollar that is put toward maintenance goes to support our ever-growing need to preserve our property.

The staff at Kanuga is dedicated and focused on ensuring we spend the funds entrusted to us in the most efficient manner so we are able to make the greatest impact for the Kanuga community. Please support our Annual Fund this year—your gift means so much to so many!

For additional information about Kanuga’s Annual Fund or to donate, please click here.

Gary Giniat is the director of advancement for Kanuga. Contact Gary at gary.giniat@kanuga.org or 828-692-9136, ext. 2816.