Discover Kanuga’s New Mission and Vision Statements

05.13.2019 - Kanuga Stories

Last year, we unveiled our guiding set of Core Values to serve as the cornerstones of Kanuga’s future. This year, we’re pleased to reveal new mission and vision statements. In 1928, Bishop Kirkman Finlay envisioned a place in the mountains of Western North Carolina, rooted in the Episcopal Church, grown from the love of Jesus, and open to all people. These statements are both a reflection on where we have come from and on the values that we uphold today. Carefully crafted with input and guidance from our board, guests and employees, our mission and vision statements are designed to carry us forward to our centennial celebration and beyond.

Our Mission:

Kanuga is a gathering place inviting all people to connect with each other, nature and the Creator.

Our Vision:

To inspire a more mindful and compassionate world.

By unifying all of Kanuga’s diverse programs under one mission and vision statement, we hope to share our unique gifts within our community and outward. “Refining our mission allowed us to reflect on who we are and clearly express Kanuga’s reason for being,” says Jimmy Haden, Executive Vice President of Mission.

Preparing for the Future

As Kanuga looks ahead to the start of summer guest period, camps, and numerous conferences, guests will be able to see the signs of the new mission and vision statements. The goal is to infuse all of Kanuga’s daily interactions with a beautiful and unified spirit. From visual aids across campus to interactions with staff, our new mission and vision will be our driving force for the future.

“It unifies the various aspects of Kanuga as we all work together toward the same goal and that is what makes us ‘One Kanuga.,’” says Jimmy. “Our new mission will be our guiding light as we make decisions and look ahead to celebrating our 100 year anniversary in 2028.”