A Christmas message from Kanuga President Michael R. Sullivan

12.14.2016 - Kanuga Stories

Dear Kanuga Family,

It’s that time of year! Garlands, wreaths and lights are beginning to appear, lovingly placed by both volunteers and staff. Hot chocolate and a few more cookies are scattered here and there, and honestly, people seem happy and festive! But of course, all these preparations are occurring as we enter the season of Advent, a season calling us away from the world’s way of seeing Christmas and toward the simplicity of God coming among us, a child in a manger.

Kanuga has its own special way of reminding us of simplicity. From nature and its goodness to friendship and its sustenance for the journey, this special place calls us to rest and trust in God. At no other time of the year is this reality more evident than now when we wait for the Christ child, eagerly anticipating God coming among us.

Whether or not you are able to visit Kanuga this time of year, pause and give thanks for its place in your life. How has Kanuga helped you get closer to God? How has it been there for you in a time of need? How has Jesus come and dwelt in your life because this “thin place” reminded you of his love for you in all things?

Let Kanuga be more than a place. Let it be an invitation to your life. Take the simplicity of what you experience here into your daily journey with God.

And know, trusting in this incredible gift, that indeed, joy will come to the world!

Wishing you and yours a most blessed Advent and Christmas,




Michael R. Sullivan