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Smile and Say: “Kudzu”!
This month, Kanuga welcomed a local goat herd to serve as weed-eaters. “Goatscaping” is re-emerging as a popular alternative to the use of the expensive and harmful chemicals that cause negative impacts on the environment. In keeping with the stereotype, goats will eat almost anything. And as it turns out, they find Kudzu to be...
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MTOS: Mountain Trail Outdoor School
Mountain Trail Outdoor School (MTOS) is one of Kanuga’s hidden treasures. Tucked away on the fully winterized Bob Campbell Youth Campus, MTOS operates from August through May, offering overnight field trips and day trips for public and private schools. As environmental education grows more in-demand, MTOS instructors seek to inspire visiting classes to care for...
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Taking the classroom to the great outdoors
To learn something from a book is one thing and has its place, but to be in the middle of what you are learning and have a hands-on experience … that’s when learning can occur at a deeper level. For the new director of Mountain Trail Outdoor School (MTOS) Meghan Hull, that experience is what...
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Care for the Kanuga bog a model for wetland management
One special acre in Kanuga’s 1,400-acre campus is getting quite a bit of attention. This small piece of land adjacent to Kanuga Lake hosts a wetland known as an Appalachian Mountain Bog and is home to several plant and animal species that live in few other places. Kanuga has joined in partnership with Carolina Mountain...
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