Caring for Kanuga: an enduring commitment

05.12.2016 - Conference & Retreat, Giving to Kanuga

Environmental stewardship is key to the Kanuga story. Since its founding, the organization has endeavored to be environmentally sustainable. Even the chapel that sits at the heart of the campus was built with large trees brought down by a destructive storm in 1936. Now, that legacy continues with the renovation of Kanuga Lake Inn, where good stewardship practices are underway.

Steps to safeguard the environment while renovating the Inn, which is scheduled to reopen by June 2016, include:

  • Painting the interior with a low VOC (volatile organic compounds) product.
  • Repurposing furniture built on site in the early 1900s for use in Inn guest rooms and each floor’s lounge.
  • Installing a VRF (variable refrigerant flow) heating and cooling system, which is very efficient and quieter than most other systems.
  • Reinstalling the solar water heating system originally put into place in 2009.
  • Locating LED (light-emitting diode) lighting throughout the building, which is the most efficient way to light a space.
  • Manufacturing new furniture at a North Carolina maker, AbsoluteStyle, which will decrease shipping emissions.

“The mountain valley we call home has always been seen as a gift from God,” said Vice President of Advancement Gary Giniat. “We have the responsibility of caring for this beautiful creation, and we take this obligation to heart.”

Sustainability is firmly embedded in the vision for Kanuga’s future. By taking careful steps with the Inn renovation, Kanuga’s leaders continue to focus on caring for this sacred place.