Nature Explorers

Hands-on Outdoor Ecology Field Trips — Fall 2021


Mountain Trail Outdoor School at Kanuga presents “Nature Explorers,” a series of ecology classes for children ages 4-12. Each session is centered around a key topic to be explored through first-hand, inquiry-based observation, nature art, collaborative play, and hands-on, experiential learning. The series will be held on Tuesday afternoons this fall, 12:30-4 p.m.

Meet a Tree – September 21
Nature Hike – Tree ID – Tree Ring Art – Blow Bubbles with a Tree
Learn how each tree in a forest is different and unique! Along our nature hike, we will get to know individual trees, learn how to identify tree species, and make tree ring art prints to discover the anatomy of a tree. You’ll even learn how to blow bubbles using a tree!

Stream Dwellers – September 28
Create an Animal – Collect and ID Stream Critters (Bring water shoes today!)
Mountain streams cut through western North Carolina, to take our water to the ocean. What does it take to survive in this dynamic, fast-moving ecosystem? Create your own creature capable of surviving the journey, sort through stream rocks to collect and identify inhabitants, then compare. Will your animal be able to survive? Make sure to bring water shoes or rain boots for this adventure.

Bog Exploration – October 5
Bog Boardwalk – Endangered Carnivorous Plants – Wetlands – Nature Art
Wetlands like our bog form one Earth’s most important ecosystems. Kanuga’s bog is home to the endangered carnivorous Mountain Sweet Pitcher Plant and the threatened bog turtle. Discover the rich diversity of life found along the bog boardwalk and learn why wetlands matter to you.

Animal Signs – October 12
Nature Hike – Be an Animal Detective – Sleuth for Clues
Our forests are home to many animals, but how often do you see them on a hike? Become a forest detective, learning sleuthing skills to find animals and identify what signs they leave behind. We’ll have fun tracking each new clue.

Survival Skills – October 19
Shelter Building – Fire Making – Bow Drill Demonstration
What would you do if you became lost in the woods? Learn how to respond so that you could survive: build a warm shelter and a fire and see a demonstration of an ancient fire-making technique using a bow drill.

Climbing Tower – October 26
Rock Climbing – Climbing Tower – Life Skills
The Buddy Carter Climbing Tower at Kanuga reaches 40 feet tall. Our professional staff at Mountain Trail Outdoor School will support your climb to new heights. How high will you climb?

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5-session Package for ages 4-6: $135
6-session Package: $162
Each Individual Session: $30

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Water Bottle
Closed-toe Shoes
Face Mask
Rain Gear


Kanuga requires that all guests wear face masks when indoors and when social distancing cannot be observed. Bring your face masks and help us keep all guests and staff safe.