Camp Kanuga Packing Lists & Forms


Our online handbooks provide parents with helpful, detailed information about the Camp Kanuga experience. You will also find links with printable forms, lists and information to prepare your camper for our programs.

Preparing for Camp

First-Time Campers
For many new campers, being at camp is their first time away from home, family, friends and familiar surroundings. This can be a challenging and emotional experience. A session at Camp Kanuga should be one of the best experiences in your child’s life. By keeping a few things in mind before the summer, you can help ensure that your child has an easy transition into camp.

Before Camp
How you spend time with your child before camp can drastically reduce homesickness and ease the adjustment to camp life. Here are some tips:

  • Offering to pick up your child or telling him or her to call home if he/she doesn’t like camp often prevents a camper from fully engaging in camp life. Please, don’t do it!
  • Be honest with your child about how fun camp is, but don’t omit that camp is challenging. Campers should be coached and prepared for the unpredictable nature of camp.
  • Visit camp ahead of time for a tour or look at pictures and information about camp on the website, so your child will know what to expect.
  • Let your child help pack for camp, so he/she can remember where needful items like their toothbrush or soap are. This also helps young campers think critically about what they need (i.e. a raincoat for rainy weather, a sweater for when it’s cold outside).
  • Talk about camp as opening day approaches. Start a countdown. Help your child get excited about the fun of being a camper!

Camper Forms
Please complete all required forms before arriving to camp. Forms #1 and 2 below are completed online during the registration process. Form #3 should be brought with you to check-in. Required paperwork includes:

  1. Health History
  2. Release of Liability
  3. Check-In Form*

*All participants will be emailed a check-in form before they arrive to camp. This form must be completed by a parent or guardian and submitted on opening day.

During Camp

  • Write letters. Avoid telling your camper what he/she is missing at home. Campers cannot email, but they can send letters by mail. Provide stamped, addressed envelopes or postcards. Encourage your child to write about his or her activities at camp.
  • Send a care package. Please limit to one per camper. All food and candy items will be confiscated and returned on the last day of camp.
  • For your convenience, we will have bins out on the Camp Store porch for each day of camp starting with Day 2 through Day 12. We deliver mail on the first full day of camp through the last full day of camp – no mail delivered on Closing Day.
  • Being away from your child for the first time can be difficult. Share these emotions with another adult rather than with your child.

Additional tips for parents can be found in this helpful article published by the American Camp Association.

Camp Arrival/Departure

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Arrival (afternoon of Opening Day)

Check-in is between 3–5 p.m. Please, no arrivals before 3:00 p.m.—the camp gates will remain closed until this time. If you arrive early, do NOT park on the main road in front of camp. This is a safety hazard!

Our streamlined check-in process:

  • All campers will receive their health screening at their cabin with their counselor.
  • Campers will sign in with their counselor at the cabin.
  • Please pack your camper’s bedding in a separate bag that is easily accessible upon arrival.

Unexpected delays? Please notify the Summer Staff Office immediately at 828-692-9137. A telephone call will be made to any camper who has not arrived or telephoned by 5:00 p.m.

Opening Day

Opening day is extremely important as new campers form their first impressions. It is critical for camp staff and parents to work together to ease the transition:

  • Plan to stay until your camper gets settled.
  • After check-in, your camper’s luggage is picked up from the parking lot and delivered to their cabin. This takes some time, so we suggest that you pack bedding for their bunk in a separate bag to carry with you to the cabin. This avoids delaying the setup of the camper’s bed.
  • When your child is settled, try to avoid long goodbyes. Encourage your camper to get involved immediately and make new friends.

Closing Day Ceremony

Family and friends are invited to participate in a closing celebration on the last day of camp. Come share in your campers experience, see a slideshow and hear camp stories. To attend the closing day celebration, please arrive no earlier than 2:00 p.m. (the gates will not open until that time). The celebration begins at 3:00 p.m. All campers will be signed out at the end of the closing ceremony at their cabin with their counselors around 3:30 p.m.


All campers must be signed out by a parent or guardian with the counselor at 3:30 p.m. on closing day. The sign-out process REQUIRES the parent or guardian to be present. Requests for late departures CANNOT be accommodated.

Become a Camp Ambassador

Parents see the transformation in their child’s eyes on closing day as children share stories about making friends and experiencing adventures of a lifetime. Parents quickly realize the uniqueness of the Kanuga experience and the long-term effect it has on the campers.

We encourage parents and campers to share their valuable Camp Kanuga experience with others:

  • Spread the word about Kanuga online via Facebook and Twitter (#CampKanuga)
  • Host a party
  • Sponsor a camper
  • Display Kanuga marketing materials at work, church or school
  • Create a Kanuga photo album and share it online
  • Wear Kanuga shirts

If you are interested in becoming a Camp Kanuga Ambassador, the following marketing materials are available:

  • Camp Kanuga give-aways
  • Camp Kanuga brochures
  • Camp Kanuga t-shirts
  • Camp Kanuga stickers
  • Camp Kanuga talking points

To request a Camp Kanuga Ambassador media kit, please contact Coordinator, Patrice Suggs at 828-233-2744, or

Send Your Camper Mail

Letters and Packages:
Camper Name
Camp Kanuga
130 Kanuga Chapel Drive
Hendersonville, NC 28739

For more information about Camp Kanuga, please contact Camp Kanuga Coordinator Patrice Suggs at or 828-233-2744.