Camp Bob Volunteers

Make a difference through Trust, Hope & Love


Thank you for showing support and love to the children in your community by volunteering at Camp Bob! Sponsoring organizations recruit one volunteer for every eight campers they send to camp. Many volunteers travel to camp with the campers on the bus. Volunteers will spend the entire week at camp. These positive adult role models are chosen for their desire to mentor children. They lead by example and connect with campers in our camp setting.

Frequently Asked Volunteer Questions

Q: Where do volunteers stay?
A: Volunteers supervise and sleep overnight in the cabins with 6–16 campers with at least one Camp Bob counselor. All cabins have a semi-private living space and a private bathroom for adults.

Q: In what kinds of activities do volunteers participate?
A: Volunteers play an active role in all camp activities. Volunteers should be prepared to supervise and mentor campers and to oversee unstructured time, while Camp Bob counselors lead the camp activities. Most importantly, volunteers are enthusiastic participants. Campers want to participate when they see their volunteer counselors having fun!

Q: Do volunteers receive special training?
A: All volunteers participate in an orientation upon their arrival at Camp Bob. Sponsoring organizations may provide additional pre-camp training for volunteers. Volunteers should read the volunteer manual (available under Volunteer Requirements) for more information.

Q: What is expected of volunteers during camp?
A: Volunteers remain at camp for the entire session and follow all Camp Bob policies. Volunteers offer support to counselors and campers by assisting with group control, providing a physically and emotionally safe environment, communicating specific needs, reinforcing camp rules and being enthusiastic. We rely on volunteers to build a caring community in the cabins so campers bring continued support home to their communities.

Q: What will camp be like?
A: Volunteering at Camp Bob is a deeply rewarding experience. It is hard work and can be tiring. Volunteers should be ready to lead games in down time, comfort campers missing home, mediate conflict and share in the excitement for a full week of camp.

Q: My child is coming to camp, can I be a volunteer?
A: If a parent is selected by our sponsoring organizations as a volunteer, they will not be in a cabin assigned with their child. We want each child to grow and experience camp as the other campers do.

Volunteer Requirements

Volunteers must submit a completed Volunteer Counselor Registration/Health Form to the sponsoring organization in your area. This form must be current and complete. Prior to their arrival at camp, each volunteer must clear a national criminal background check as well as a driving record and sex offender list check.

Your sponsoring organization might require you to fill out an application and provide references. You are expected to thoroughly read our Volunteer Manual, which gives a detailed description of the program and camp guidelines.

For more information, please email