Sponsors & Coordinators

Your support is an invaluable key to Camp Bob’s success!


Do you wish to truly make a difference in the lives of many children?

Sponsor a child or group to attend Camp Bob! Children are selected for camp by sponsoring organizations and attend as a group from their community. We have sponsors that bring as few as five campers and others that reach our 126-camper capacity. These children come from homeless shelters, transitional housing programs, under-resourced public schools, group homes, church outreach programs, community after-school programs, mentor programs and military family organizations.

Sponsor List

If you are interested in or have questions about becoming a sponsoring organization please contact Camp Bob Director Katherine Parnell at 828-692-9136, ext. 2836 or katherine.parnell@kanuga.org.

Sponsor Responsibilities

Local Coordinators
Group sponsors are expected to provide a contact person who will coordinate the group’s trip with the Camp Bob director.

Financial Support
Group sponsors pay each camper’s fee.

Group sponsors are expected to provide transportation for campers and volunteers to and from camp. A charter bus or rental vans are recommended.

Motivate Campers
Group sponsors are expected to recruit and carefully select campers that would not otherwise have the opportunity to attend camp. We encourage group sponsors to establish criteria allowing each child to earn a place at camp. Selecting children who have similar values, want to be at camp and will benefit most from a camp community is important. Camp Bob is geared for boys and girls ages 8-13 years. Diversity is encouraged.

Coordinator Notes

Arrange drop off and pick up locations and times for campers in their area, coordinating with the director. In addition, they arrange for vans or charter buses to transport the campers to and from their community. If you need transportation assistance, please let us know as soon as possible.

Phone Calls
Use of the telephone by campers is not allowed. Please do not tell campers that they will be able to call home from camp. Special arrangements will be made in the case of emergencies at the director’s discretion.

Expected Camp Behavior
Campers are expected to follow camp rules and standards of behavior. Inappropriate behavior, including but not limited to hitting, biting, inappropriate language, bullying or creating an unsafe environment, may result in appropriate discipline or dismissal from camp. All campers as well as staff are expected to be respectful and kind to others.

Camp is a Community
If you have returning campers or if you they are attending camp with friends from home, it is important to know that they will have lots of time with their friends at campus-wide activities and potentially during Camper Choice activities, and we cannot promise that they will be together in a cabin. Making new friends as well as keeping in touch with old ones is important for the sense of community at camp.

For more information, please email hr@kanuga.org