Camp Bob at Kanuga hosts Kids4Peace

07.30.2015 - Camp Bob, Camps & Outdoor Education

A unique youth group, Kids4Peace, is at Camp Bob at Kanuga this week. Kids4Peace is a community of Jewish, Christian and Muslim children, age 12 or in the sixth grade, from the United States, Palestine and Israel. The organization’s two-week camp is part of a six-year, year-round program of interfaith dialogue, leadership development and nonviolent action.

The goal for the program is for the children to learn about each other’s religious traditions, practice dialogue and conflict resolution, develop skills to be peacemakers and form lasting friendships across the barriers that divide their communities.

From recreation to faith-learning to dialogue and discovery, the camp is full of activity.

“All of the activities are different manifestations of forming a safe, respectful community, where we can learn about and celebrate our different cultures, faiths and identities,” explained David Rowan, North Carolina camp director for Kids4Peace. “Campers will be exposed to, but not participate in, faith practices and rituals other than their own. They’ll share meals and camp-fires — and s’mores! —, go swimming, rock climbing and on a couple of city excursions. After it’s all said and done, they’ll return home with a whole new lens through which to view their world.”

The program fits perfectly with Kanuga’s vision of bringing people together in a respectful, safe space.

“Kanuga has historically been a place where people from different backgrounds and beliefs can come together to share ideas and understanding,” said LeeAnne Martin, vice president of youth programs. “We’re honored to host this wonderful organization’s camp and help nurture better understanding amongst this diverse group of children.”

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