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Kanuga Receives Conservation Grant To Restore Wetlands Habitat
Kanuga’s wetlands are home to an ecosystem containing sensitive flora and fauna, in particular the federally threatened Southern bog turtle, the federally endangered mountain sweet pitcher plant, and the state threatened sheep laurel. We are pleased to have received a grant which will be used to restore two acres of Southern Appalachian mountain bog along...
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Celebrating 30 Years with Jimmy Haden
Jimmy Haden has been employed at Kanuga for 30 years as of today! Very few people reach such a milestone in the life of any organization; we celebrate and congratulate him on this extraordinary achievement. As his mother has said to many of us, they “dropped him off for camp and he never left!” Jimmy...
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Please extend a warm Kanuga welcome to ANDREW HOLMES
General Manager, Kanuga Inn & Lodging We are delighted to introduce you to Andrew Holmes, general manager for Kanuga’s dining and lodging operations. As Kanuga takes the sometimes painful but primarily celebratory steps toward recovery from the pandemic, we are confident that Andrew has the commitment and care required to move Kanuga forward in its...
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Andrew Baker Memorial Fund
At the request of family and friends, Kanuga is receiving funds to create a memorial to honor Patrick Andrew Livingston Baker (October 27, 1994-April 16, 2021). Patrick “Andrew” Baker began attending youth week conferences in 2007 and served on JYP, SYP, and Winterlight staff. Kanuga served as a big brother to Andrew and his sister and he...
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