Apple harvest commences near Kanuga in Henderson County

09.16.2014 - Conference & Retreat, Groups, Guest Periods, Our Programs

Kanuga’s 1400 acres is located near Hendersonville, NC—an area considered apple country by many. In the late summer and early fall, apples are celebrated in the mountain area with festivals and frequent trips to dozens of local orchards by families gathering apples and indulging in apple-inspired treats, such as apple cider doughnuts and apple turnovers.

Guests of Kanuga’s all-inclusive getaway, Autumn Guest Period (October 12–19), will get to discover why apples are an integral part of the Kanuga area with a trip to the local Sky Top Orchard, where a mountaintop of delicious apples and fruit trees is surrounded by panoramic mountain views.

According to Sky Top Orchards, the picking season for some of the earlier varieties, such as Honeycrisp and Ginger Gold, began in August. But, for other popular varieties, such as Pink Lady and Fuji, the picking season begins in October.

Make plans now for your fall getaway where you can enjoy the apple harvest during Kanuga’s Autumn Guest Period.

Interesting NC Apple Facts*
  • NC ranks seventh in apple production in the United States.
  • NC has over 200 commercial apple operations comprised of 9,000 bearing acres of apple orchards.
  • Up to 4 million bushels of apples can be produced in a given year.
  • Forty percent of the state’s crop is marketed as fresh apples through packing operations and direct marketing outlets while the remaining 60% is utilized in the processing industry, mainly as applesauce and juice.
  • Apples are produced in four areas of the state around the Henderson, Haywood, Wilkes and Cleveland areas.

*According to NC Apple Growers Association.