Honor and Memorial Gifts

A Legacy Remembered: Kanuga Honor and Memorial Gifts

Whenever someone makes a donation to Kanuga to honor or remember a loved one, a legacy continues. Kanuga receives funds to continue our mission, and the spirit of the honoree lives on through a kind act.

This year, we are pleased to share our list of memorial and honor gifts given to Kanuga between November 2016 to the present.

In Honor of

Adele Michal from Pat Michal

Anna & Henry Robertson from Martha Hays

Barney & Vivian Varner from Joshua & Elizabeth Varner

Bob & Gay Pasley from Nick & Nancy Carter

Bob Sessum from Liz Henry

Carleton Kessler Ambrose from Elta Moore

Courtney Dale from Ken & Ellen Chance

Bubber & Margaret Wyman from Timmy Dorn

Dee Ward from Susan and Tom Fisher

Drew, Lindsey, Charley, Campbell & Bennett Childers from Charles Scott May

Eleanor, Turner & Henry Knox from Tom & Legare Head

Emma & Ella Smith Fitzhugh from Mark L. Fitzhugh & Cheri Smith

Ernestine Tuton from Douglas & Sallie Craig Huber

Frank & Charlotte Hall from Avery Hall Strada

Gary Giniat from Buff & Marilyn Ellis

George Howell from David & Penny Fitz-Randolph

Heather Pasley from Nick & Nancy Carter

Housekeeping Staff from John & Mary Moorman

Jimmy Haden from Buff & Marilyn Ellis

Kate & Maggie Glick from Martha Hays

Kate Bakko from Helen Rearden

Kevin Kearns from Jim & Ginger Phillips

Lisa Flores Musser from Tom & Carolyn Wittenbraker

Lucien & Evelyn Brailsford from Patrick & Cat Moore

Maralee Vezie from Eric Vezie

Michael Sullivan from Les & Elizabeth Cotter, Sarah McCrory

Mary Ann & Cantey Heath from Timmy Dorn

Mikell & Mary Scarborough from Timmy Dorn

Frannie Apperson from George P. Apperson, III

Nick & Nancy Carter from Bob & Gay Pasley

Oz Henry from David & Libbie Ward

Patricia Weeks & Family from Dale & Phyllis Stoller

Paul Canady from Ken & Ellen Chance

Rev. Charles Scott May from The McFall Family

Richard & Kathy Lee from Billy & Penny Peebles

Shay Tompkins from Elizabeth Jones

Spenser Simrill from Brian & Kat Potts

Stan & Carol Hubbard from Mark L. Fitzhugh & Cheri Smith

Stan Hubbard from Keith & Ashley Daw, John & Mary Moorman

Terrell, Debbie, Scott & Laurie McFall from Charles Scott May

The Plue Family from Melissa Mann

Trone Sawyer from Christy Beesley

Virginia Pasley from Nick & Nancy Carter

In Memory of

Alice Roehl from Dewey & Julie Branstetter

Allan C. & Anne B. Boas from Suzanne & Rob Boas

Amelia McFadden from Mrs. Beaumont Cathcart & Family, TDA, Inc., Bubber & Margaret Wyman, Dwight & Sherry Stewart

Ann Kessler from Elta Moore

Anne Porcher Truesdale from Doe Warren

Bachman Smith III from Barbara Bremer, Dale & Ellen Finkbine, Jimmy & Boo Townsend, Betsy Harvey, Bill & Eleanor Pope, deSha Carter, Barbin Graham, Mary Majors Payne and Leslie Payne

Bambi Henry from Bob & Mary Anne Haden, Charlie & Gay Redfern, Charlotte Lofton, Elaine Camp, Wylly Stirling, Letitia Thompson, Betsy & Tom Darnall, Matt & Elizabeth Henry, Sterling & Nancy Hutcheson, Tom Morgan, Ann Smith, Martha Alexander, Julie & Bill Hamilton

Bill Gordon from Shirley Gordon

Bill Littlejohn from Woody & Cindy Hayes and George & Peggy Lafaye

Bill Ross from John & Ann Pinckney, Fran & Michael Watkins

Brett Wattles from Matt & Rachel Wattles

D.P. Thompson, Sr. from Danny & Marcella Thompson

Dennis Shelton from Danny & Marcella Thompson

Dicksie Gregorie Johnson from Bill & Eleanor Pope

Dorothy Bell Scott from Dorothy Benz

Dr. Fred N. Mitchell from Judy Mitchell

Dr. Luther Mills from Vic & Melissa McMillan

Elizabeth Matthews from Society of the Transfiguration

Erma Dance Riddle from Charlie Riddle, III

Florrie Fair from Henry & Mollie Fair

Frederick C Minkler from David & Penny Fitz-Randolph

George P. Apperson, Jr. from George P. Apperson, III

Ginny Peterson from Jerry & Serena DuBose

Harriet B. Littlejohn from Charlie & Gay Redfern, Woody & Cindy Hayes, George & Peggy Lafaye

Henry W. Grady, IV from Charles Scott May

James Fred Rippy III from Jane M. Rippy

James Mark Lofton from Charlotte Lofton

Jim Murphy from Rocky & Karen Menge, George & Peggy Lafaye

John & Betty Flanagan from Richard & Nancy Flanagan

John Britton from Grace Dibble Boyle

Karin Roesle from Charlie & Carol Roesle

Kathy Powell from York & Carol Feitel, Grace Dibble Boyle, Bill & Magoo Hamilton, Joyce Holley, Gillette Slaton

Lansing & Natalie Lee from Bothwell Lee

Logan McKinnon from Carlyle B. Martin

Ligon B. Flynn from Brooks & Jim Romano

Louise Hammett Warren from John H. Warren, III

Louise & Charlie Moorefield from Dr. Charles Moorefield

Manly Whitener, Jr. from Ann Whitener Peden, Ann Whitener

Mary Gardner Tims from Pamela Cox

Mary Wilkinson from Gary Giniat, Helen Rearden

Matt Sloan from Judy Sloan

Mollie Cooper from Nancy Cooper, Caroline McNamara, Harriet McMaster & Craig Davis

Nancy Elliott from Mark L. Fitzhugh & Cheri Smith

Patricia Minkler Howell from David & Penny Fitz-Randolph

Patricia Campbell from Kara Campbell

Patrick McKinnon from Carlyle B. Martin

Peter Whitman Minkler from David & Penny Fitz-Randolph

Rae Holtz from Bobbie Holtz Kaiser

Reid Ward from Anna Lineback

Sue Lockey Thompson from Danny & Marcella Thompson

Susan Boatwright from John & Field Boatwright

Swing Meyer from Rocky & Karen Menge

Syd & Frances Alexander from John & Courtney Allison, Shirley Gordon

The Rev. and Mrs. Allen B. Clarkson from Tom Wagner Jr. and Mary Kelly

The Rev. Dr. W. Carter Lofton from Charlotte Lofton

The Tylanders from Bob & Claire Tracy & Drew Kirkland

Vernice Evans Shelton from Danny & Marcella Thompson

Virginia Lamb from Nick & Nancy Carter

Wesley W. Gregory III from Juliana Gregory